Chapter 4 – Lucky escape

Stephen was sitting on the sofa, recollecting the wonderful time he had with Molly in the afternoon, when his mobile rang. Frowning, he checked the caller ID. It was Rahul. He swiped the screen and said, “Hello”.

Rahul began speaking with an urgent tone in his voice. “Uncle, Alex is up to no good. He was waiting for us near the apartment. As soon as we reached, he approached me and demanded to know Molly’s location. I didn’t tell him. He tried to intimidate me. I told him to fuck off. Before leaving, he said, ‘I know she is in Stephen’s house’. I don’t know how he figured it out. I think he might be coming to your house.”

“Dammit! I don’t like that boy!” Stephen said frustrated.

“He looked very angry. He doesn’t look like he wants to reconcile with her. He may try to harm her, even if you are with them. He slapped her once when we were all there, remember?”  Rahul asked.

Stephen thought about it quickly and said, “You are right. I’ll leave Molly in Richard’s house for a few days. Richard moved to a new house last month. Alex can’t guess the location.”

“Good idea,” Rahul said.

Stephen called Richard and spoke to him about the situation. Richard understood the situation and said he would pick up Molly asap.

After Stephen explained the situation to everybody in the house, Molly and Linda got ready quickly and waited for Richard.

Richard reached his dad’s house in half an hour. He was happy to see Molly, Linda and baby. He greeted them warmly before helping them move their bags to his car.

Stephen and Janet spoke briefly with Molly, Linda and Richard before they left.

They reached Richard’s house at 8:15 pm. Richard’s wife Sheba, was happy to meet them. She warmly welcomed them and treated them with respect.

Molly liked Sheba. She was a perfect match for Richard. Richard and Sheba were younger than Molly, so they thought of Molly as an elder sister. They also liked her appearance and demeanor. They sympathized with Molly and wished well for her.

Richard’s house was a four-bed room flat in a brand-new apartment block. All the bedrooms were well furnished. So, he requested Molly and Linda to occupy separate bedrooms. Linda hesitated at first but after Molly insisted that she won’t need help to take care of baby, Linda agreed.

That night, Molly and Linda had dinner with Richard and Sheba at 9:30 pm. Sheba had cooked good food. They ate well and went to bed by 10:30 pm.

The next day was Monday. Richard and Sheba left home before 8:30. Linda and Molly spent the day watching TV and relaxing. At 3 pm, Stephen called Molly and told her, Alex had come to his house and caused trouble, demanding to know her location. He advised Molly to stay in Richard’s house for a few more days, till Alex settled down.

That evening Richard and Sheba returned home before 7pm. Molly had cooked food for dinner. Sheba was very impressed with the food. They talked about recipes. After dinner, everybody was watching TV, when Molly remembered she had left some of her Sarees in Stephen uncle’s house. She asked Richard if he can pick up some of her stuff from his dad’s house. Richard told her he won’t able to do it until the weekend, because he was busy at work. So, Sheba said, she had lot of Sarees and asked Molly to choose any saree she wanted.  Before going to bed, Sheba and Molly went to Sheba’s bedroom to check her sarees. Sheba wanted Molly to take new Sarees, but Molly insisted on taking a couple of old sarees.

The next day morning, Molly woke up before Sheba and Richard could wake up. She bathed and wore one of Sheba’s old sarees. By the time she was ready, Sheba had woken up. She told Sheba; she had woken up early to cook breakfast for everybody. Sheba said, she doesn’t have to do it but Molly insisted on cooking. So, Sheba asked Molly to cook anything she liked.

Molly cooked Richard’s favourite breakfast dishes. She finished cooking and served Richard and Sheba.

As they ate, Sheba told Molly, the saree looked very good on her and asked Richard for his opinion. Richard agreed and remembered the times he had made love to Sheba, when she had been wearing that saree. He had always liked Sheba in that saree. But when he saw Molly wearing that Saree, his cock began to harden. He tried to conceal his lust and continued eating breakfast.

After Richard and Sheba left home, Molly went to the bedroom and checked baby. Then she checked her reflection in the mirror. She liked the Saree. She had just worn it, without thinking about how sexy it made her look. When she had seen the way Richard was trying to hide his lust, she wanted to take a good look at herself. The saree was transparent, plain pink colour. It looked beautiful on her voluptuous body but it didn’t do much to cover her cleavage, waist and naval. She was happy that Richard liked it.

The rest of the day seemed to pass lazily. She ate breakfast with Linda, breast fed baby frequently and watched TV. An hour before lunch time, she cooked food. While she was cooking, she got a message that read:

Leave the door open for me. Send me a message after aunty sleeps, I’ll come in.

Molly smiled to herself and sent a message. “Ok

Molly and Linda had lunch at 12:30. Linda went to bed at 1:15pm. Molly opened the main door and sent a message to Richard. “Mom is sleeping.”

Richard entered the house quietly and saw Molly standing in the living room. She smiled at him. He latched the door and went to the table. He kept his bag on the table and went to Molly. He stood before her and whispered, “You look beautiful.”

Molly looked at Richard, smiling. He was an inch shorter than her. ‘He is still handsome,’ she thought.

Richard lifted his head and pecked a kiss on her lips. He took her in his arms. He could feel her big breasts, like soft cushions on his chest. He caressed the smooth, soft waist. He pecked a kiss on her lips. Then, he clasped his lips on her lower lips and sucked it. His tongue parted her lips and entered her mouth. Their tongues danced inside her mouth. Her fresh breath filled his mouth making him want for more of her. He cupped her ass cheeks and lifted them up, pulling him closer to her. He kissed her passionately for a minute before he pulled back and said, “Let’s got to my bedroom.”

Molly checked baby. Baby was sleeping so she went to Richard and Sheba’s bedroom. Richard had already removed his cloths. He stood next to the bed, stroking his penis. Molly laughed with excitement and went to him. Richard moved closer to her. He pecked a kiss on her lips and said, “Missed you so much. I didn’t have sex with you, after you got married.”

“It’s okay. You can do it now,” Molly comforted him.

Molly removed her blouse and bra. She lifted her saree and stripped down her panties. She looked at Richard and asked, “How do you want to do it?”

“Doggy on the bed. Just kneel down on the edge of the bed.”

“Like father, like son,” Molly said and laughed.

“Ah…so the old man has been up to it, huh? Richard asked and laughed.

Molly laughed, and said, “He is really good at it.”

“You like him, don’t you?” Richard teased his beautiful cousin.

“I love him,” Molly said and laughed.

Molly lifted her saree above her hip and turned around, revealing her plump ass. She got on top of the bed, knelt down and bent forward on all fours. When she was ready, he grabbed her butt cheeks and parted them, seeing her asshole open up, invitingly. He bent down and kissed her anus, once. Then his tongue penetrated her anus. He licked and moistened with his saliva. He pulled back and touched her soft inner thighs. He rubbed on the soft, outer labia, of her vagina. He inserted his fingers into her vagina and scooped out her pussy juice, with his fingers. He inserted his wet finger, inside her anus, and rubbed her juices, on the smooth surface of her anal tube. He parted her butt cheeks, opening up her anus and spat saliva, into her anus, lubricating it more.

Satisfied with the lubrication, he pointed the crown of his penis, on her anus and pressed, opening her anus. He pushed slowly. Molly whimpered with discomfort and adjusted her hip, in preparation to accept him, in her asshole. Richard pushed an inch more. Molly moved forward, with more discomfort, but he grabbed her slender waist, and pulled her back. Holding her waist, with a strong grip, he thrust inside her, ignoring her whimpers of discomfort. He pushed, gliding his cock deep inside her, as far as his cock could go, pressing his groin on her, plump, up turned bottom.

He let his cock rest inside for a few seconds, cherishing the warmth of her bowels. Then he slowly pulled outward, till only the crown of his penis was inside her. Then he thrust inside her quickly, in one long stroke.

Molly groaned with discomfort and pleasure.

Richard quickly pulled out and pushed inside her again, as pleasure built up. He pulled outward and penetrated again moaning, “Oh Molly!”

“hmmmm Richard!” Molly responded, starting to like the anal massage.

Richard grunted, pistoning his cock in and out of her asshole, loving every penetration.

Molly’s anus hurt a bit and pussy ached to be penetrated, but she was happy to accommodate her little cousin’s cock, in her anus. She supported her upper body with her left elbow, moved her right hand below her and touched her vagina. She rubbed her fingers on her clit, masturbating as her asshole was getting pounded.

Seeing Molly masturbate, Richard pulled his cock out of her asshole, and quickly pushed it inside her vagina, causing her to moan with pleasure. He pulled and pushed inside her pussy again and again. He held her slender waist and rammed on her buttocks every time he penetrated her pussy. The collusion of their bodies made a soft thudding sound.

Molly moaned, “Ahhh! Richard! Ahhh! hmmmmmm….”

Richard continued fucking Molly’s pussy, eager to satisfy her. He heard encouraging groans of pleasure from Molly, and continued banging her. Her body quacked every time he slammed his groin on her bottom. She shut her eyes and accepted his penis again and again. A tingling sensation spread from her pussy, to her inner thighs and to every part of her body. She got goosebumps. Intense waves of pleasure swept through out her body. Her skin tightened. Her nipples felt harder and sensitive, her face and chest flushed. Her breathing became heavy. A thin layer of cold sweat covered her skin. She spasmed and groaned, losing control of herself. Pleasure exploded in her head. She smiled with satisfaction as tears filled her eyes. She closed her eyes and lay her head on the bed as she climaxed.

Richard was happy he had satisfied his beautiful cousin-sister. He pulled his cock out of her cunt. He got on top of the bed and stood on the edge, with both his legs on either side of her. He lowered his hip, pointing his cock at her asshole. The crown of his cock pressed on her asshole and opened it, and slid inside. He thrust into her, filling her up and painfully awakening her, from a sexual trance. She moaned with discomfort and pleasure. He pulled back and thrust his cock back into her. He drilled into her, fucking her harder and harder, until he suddenly felt a rush. He spasmed and pressed his groin hard on her butt. He groaned with pleasure and ejaculated inside her asshole. He rested his cock inside her, till he ejaculated every drop of his semen.

Richard got down from the bed and stood on the floor, when his mobile rang. He checked the caller ID. It was Sheba. He swiped the screen and said, “Hello.”

“Are you feeling better now?” Sheba asked.

“Yes. Molly gave me a good medicine. I am feeling much better now,” Richard said.

“Wonderful. Rest well. I’ll see you soon.”

“Bye.” Richard hung up.