Chapter 2 – Good Connection

Prema and Rajesh sat at a table in a terrace restaurant. Prema looked at the view of the night sky. The view of the sky scrapers and the city lights looked beautiful. Rajesh looked down at the Mangalsutra around her neck, with satisfaction. His eyes drifted down to her breasts and he remembered sucking them.

“It’s beautiful,” Prema said.

Rajesh looked up at her. She was still enjoying the view. “Yeah. It’s beautiful,” he said thinking about her breasts.

Prema turned to Rajesh and asked, “Any news about Latha?”

“She still wants a divorce. I have signed the papers and given it to her lawyer. We’ll be divorced within six months,” Rajesh said feeling sad.

“Rajesh don’t worry about it. I am there for you. Ok?” Prema comforted him.

Rajesh nodded.

Prema changed the topic and tried to make him feel better. She casually asked him about his friends and business. As she sipped on wine and listened to him, she tried to put everything in perspective.

They were on their first day out, after their first intimate experience, just a week ago. She had caught him checking out her breasts, few times. She had pretended like she had not noticed.

“I think we are connecting well. What do you think?” Rajesh asked.

“I don’t know Rajesh. It is too early to be sure,” Prema said feeling a bit tipsy.

The waiter came with food and kept the dishes on the table.

They chatted about the food and restaurants in the city as they ate. After Prema finished eating, she told Rajesh she had to use the rest room and stood up. As she turned around and walked, Rajesh got a good look at her back. The saree had wrapped well around her body. Her hip swayed gracefully. Her enormous butt bounced in a rotating motion. ‘Sexy,’ Rajesh thought as his penis hardened.

As Prema walked back to the table, Rajesh smiled at her, trying to avoid looking at her bouncing breasts.

Prema sat down and asked, “Did you like it?”

“The food?” Rajesh asked.

Prema smiled and nodded.

“Yes. Did you like it?”

“I loved it,” Prema said and gulped down the remaining wine from her glass.

They left the restaurant and walked towards the car park.

“Where are we going next?” Prema asked.

“I don’t know. Where do you want to go?” Rajesh asked and smiled.

“I am feeling tipsy. Can we just go home?” Prema said trying to keep her balance.

“Ok. Let’s go home.”

Prema sat down on the passenger seat and relaxed. Rajesh drove the car in the busy traffic. Prema looked outside the window, feeling high.

Half an hour later they reached Rajesh’s home. Prema didn’t ask him why he had got her to his home, instead of taking her to her home. She just got out of the car and followed him. Once they were inside the house, Rajesh took her in his arms. He kissed her soft lips. His tongue parted her lips and entered her mouth. He liked the smell of wine and food on her breath. Their tongues played around, exploring the warm wetness of their mouths for moments, gradually increasing their flames of passion. He pressed his chest on her soft breasts, trying to feel them. Through their cloths, she could feel the bulge at his crotch. She pressed her thigh on the bulge and felt the hardness of his penis. He kissed her hard, leaving them both fully aroused when he pulled back.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Rajesh said.

Rajesh put a hand around her bare waist and held her firmly as they walked to the bedroom. Once inside, he quickly stripped off his cloths.

Prema stripped of her blouse and bra. She lifted her saree and pulled down her panty. She got on top of the bed and lay down on her back. She bent her leg and spread them wide open.

Rajesh got on top of the bed and positioned himself above her. Her hand moved to his penis and her long slender finger grabbed the hard shaft. She pulled his penis. He lowered himself on her soft body, supporting himself with his elbows.

She pulled on his hard dick and guided it to her pussy. He liked the touch of her feminine fingers on his dick. The glans of his penis parted the slit of her pussy. Her hips twitched and her pussy swallowed the crown of his penis. He pushed, plunging deep into the liquid warmth of her wet pussy. Together they moaned, satisfied with their sexual union.

Rajesh pushed as deep as he could. Then, he looked at her beautiful face and asked, “What do you think now? Are we connecting well?”

“I think, we have a good connection.” Prema understood the joke and burst out laughing.

Rajesh smiled and pulled his dick outward. When the glans of his penis reached the brim of her pussy, he stopped and pushed inward, penetrating her again. Her legs locked around his, holding him firmly between her thighs. Her hands were on his back. She twisted and rolled the heavy cushions of her breasts against his chest, exciting both of them at the same time.

Rajesh pulled his dick outward and plunged it deep into her welcoming vagina. He pistoned his dick inside her tight, moist pussy. Her pussy desperately tried to grasp his hard shaft, as his dick moved, rapidly in and out of her pussy. He pounded into the juicy tunnel of her pussy. As he plunged into her, her pelvis jumped up and accepted every inch of his swollen cock.

Prema closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure caused by the rapid movement of his dick in her pussy. Faster and harder, he drove his thick, swollen prick into her. Her whole body was caught up in tidal waves of sexual desire. She lost herself in a universe of orgasmic oblivion.

He gave up and let the thick rush of semen boil up through his cock and blast into the contracting hole of pussy, surrounding his dick. Groaning in the stream of ecstasy, he emptied his balls inside her. Gratefully, the steaming fountain of cum spurted from his balls. His body jerked and twitched as he ejaculated inside the most beautiful woman, he had every seen. Clinging on to her he released the last drops his semen into her belly.

Still locked together, he looked down at her satisfied face. He kissed her and said, “Do you feel connected?”

“Yes,” Prema said and smiled with the satisfaction.