Chapter 5 – Blessed teacher

Two weeks after moving to Richard’s house, Molly decided to do something about her life. She didn’t want to depend on her family members. She wanted to focus on her career again and become independent. She called the principal of St. Ann’s school, where she had worked as teacher for ten years. But after calling the principal’s number five times, he didn’t answer her call. So, she called the headmistress. The headmistress, sister Janet, answered her call. She was happy to talk to Molly after two years. Molly told her about her situation and asked her if they had a vacancy for a part time teacher. Sister Janet told her they have a vacancy but she would have to discuss about it with the new principal. Molly asked sister Janet about the old principal, Father James. Sister Janet told her father James had become very sick five months ago and passed away. The sad news broke Molly’s heart. She had been close to Father James. Sister Janet consoled her and asked Molly to meet her. They agreed to meet at 2:00 PM on Saturday.

Molly discussed about the meeting with her mom, Richard and Sheba. They were happy for Molly and wished well for her.

On Saturday, Molly woke up as usual and finished her household chores. She cooked breakfast and served Richard and Sheba. After they left home, she had breakfast with her mom, breast fed baby, bathed and cooked food for lunch. She had lunch with her mom at 12:00 and started getting ready at 12:45.

Molly combed her long hair. She pulled strands of hair from the sides and clipped the hair behind her head with a hair-clip, giving her hair a half-up hairdo. She wore a laced panty and bra. She slipped her feet into medium heeled sandals. She wore cotton petticoat and draped a transparent Saree carefully adjusting the pleats and the Pallu. The semi-transparent Saree revealed her belly and navel. The pink color of the Saree blended well with her fair complexion. The Saree clinged well around her wide hip and plump, wide bottom. She put light make up on her face. She checked her reflection in the mirror and made adjustments to her hair and Saree, till she was satisfied.

After Molly was ready, she said goodbye to her mom and baby. She took her hand bag and left the house.

It was not a sunny day despite being summer. It had rained that morning. It had become cooler. Molly liked the weather as she walked to the main street. People looked at her, attracted by her personality. Her fair skin, good looking face and a voluptuous body never failed to get the attention she needed to boost her confidence. As she walked her hip swayed, her buttocks and breasts bounced gracefully. She spotted a vacant auto-rickshaw and waved her hand. The rickshaw approached closer to her and stopped by the side of the footpath. She told her destination to the driver and got into the rickshaw

After a 20-minute ride, the rickshaw stopped before the school. Molly was happy to see the school after two years. She paid the rickshaw driver and got down from the rickshaw.

Molly walked towards the large gate of the school. The gate had a arched sign board on the top. It read, “St. Ann’s School.” The large gate was closed as the school was closed on Saturdays. But Molly knew the smaller gate, next to the large gate would be open for the workers who worked in the premises. She pushed the gate and stepped inside. She looked around at the familiar buildings, playgrounds, gardens and trees. She walked on the path, next to the playground that led to the administration buildings. As she approached the building, she saw a young nun. The nun waited for her to get closer and said, “Hello.”

“Hello sister. I am Molly. I used to work here as a teacher. I am here to meet sister Janet,” Molly said and smiled.

“Ah! Molly? I have heard about you. Father James used to talk fondly about you,” the young nun said.

“It’s sad that he passed away,” Molly said, missing him.

“Let’s keep him in our prayers,” the nun smiled. “Sister Janet is in her office. Do you know her office?”

“Is it the same office? The third one on the left?” Molly asked wondering if things were same at the school.

“Yes, that’s the one,” the young nun said and smiled.

“Thank you, sister,” Molly said and walked to sister Janet’s office.

Sister Janet’s office door was half open. She knocked the door and said, “Hello sister. It’s Molly.”

“Molly?! Come in!” The familiar voice sounded happy.

Molly entered the office and saw sister Janet, sitting on the chair, behind her desk. She looked exactly like Molly remembered her.

Molly smiled and asked, “Hello sister. How are you?!”

Sister Janet laughed. “I am fine darling. How are you?” sister Janet asked.

“I am fine sister.” Molly said a smiled, happy to see her.

“Sit down darling.” Sister Janet said, pointing at the two chairs for guests that were on the opposite side of her desk.

Molly sat down and smiled at the older woman who was in her mid-sixties. She hoped the sister would have good news for her.

Sister Janet looked into Molly’s eyes and said, “I spoke to Father Carlos about you. He wants to meet you before giving you the job.” Sister Janet gave her a encouraging smile.

“Father Carlos?” Molly asked.

“Yes”, Sister Janet said. “He is our new parish priest and the new principal of our school. He is a good man.”

“Ok…” Molly said.

“Please go and meet the father in his residence and come back here. I’ll have your appointment letter ready.” Sister Janet smiled encouragingly.

“Ok…Thank you sister. I’ll meet him and come back.” Molly got up and exited sister Janet’s office.

The parish priest’s residence was at a cosy corner of the premises, located by the side of church. It was a two-bedroom residence with a kitchen, laundry and two bathrooms. It was surrounded by well-maintained garden.

The pathway to the priest’s residence had trees on the sides. It was a pleasant environment. Molly had walked on that path many times to meet Father James. As she walked on the same path memories of Father James came flooding in her mind. She tried to put the thoughts aside and wondered if Father Carlos would be as kind as Father James.

Molly reached the father’s residence. She opened the gate and walked on the narrow pathway in the front garden. She pressed the door bell and waited. The door opened and a priest wearing a white robe stood before her. Molly recognized him. He was the same priest who had conducted the wedding mass she had attended with Alex. He was tall, he had short curly hair and he was clean shaved. He looked much older at close distance. She guessed he must be in his mid-fifties.

“Hello Father. I am Molly.” Molly smiled.

“Hello Molly! Please come inside.” The Father welcomed her.

Molly entered the house and watched him close the door.

The Father turned to Molly and said, “I am very happy to finally meet you. I heard about you from James.”

Molly smiled at him wondering what he had heard from Father James.

“Please sit-down Molly,” the father said.

Molly sat down on the single sofa. The Father sat on the three-seater sofa opposite to her. He leaned back comfortably and said, “I heard from sister Janet that you are a very good teacher. We will be very privileged to have you working for us. But I also heard somethings that disturbed me.” The priest gave Molly a steady gaze.

Molly felt fear and disappointment for a moment.

The expression on the priest’s face relaxed. “I heard that you stopped visiting James after getting married. He was heartbroken because you didn’t visit him.”

“I moved to a different city Father. I also got pregnant and delivered a child. I couldn’t find the time. I am so sorry Father.” Molly apologized wishing she had visited Father James more often.

“I understand you. James was very close to you. After you got married and left, he started drinking too much. He had liver failure and passed away,” the Father said as if accusing her of causing Father James’ death intentionally.

Tears filled Molly’s eyes. She took a hanky from her handbag and wiped her tears.

“Please don’t cry. We all make mistakes but we shouldn’t repeat the mistakes.” The priest advised Molly.

“I won’t do it again Father,” Molly said and swallowed her tears.

“I hope you won’t do it to me,” the priest said.

Molly looked up at him, confused.

Father Carlos understood her confusion and said, “James used to tell me about the wonderful times he used to have with you. I didn’t fully understand him at that time. But now when I see you, I can understand why he would have had a wonderful time with you.”

Molly looked wide eyed at him, wondering if he had really said what she had heard him say. Her heart started beating fast.

“I want to have wonderful times with you too, but I don’t want to suffer from depression if you suddenly stop visiting me,” the priest said.

Molly’s worried face slowly gleamed with happiness. She had been worried that Father Carlos would scowled her for having intimate relationship with Father James. She was happy that Father Carlos also wanted to have an intimate relationship with her.

Molly shook her head and said, “I won’t suddenly stop visiting you, Father.”

“Good. Come here and stand before me.” The priest smiled.

Molly stood up smiling shyly and stood before him. Her heart was beating fast. Father checked her from top to bottom. He checked her breasts, belly and hip. Then he asked, “Please turn around.”

Molly turned around.

Father checked her slender waist, big butt and wide hip. “Good. Look at me now.”

Molly turned around and looked at him.

Father asked, “Did James sodomize you?”

“Yes Father. He did,” Molly said.

Father Carlo smiled and stood up. He took a few steps forward and stood before her. Molly looked at his clean shaved face and thought, ‘Old but handsome‘. He lifted his hands and grabbed her waist. His left palm was on her Saree and his right hand was on the bare skin of her waist. Their eyes locked together and Molly thought he wanted to kiss her but he said, “Remove your panties and bra”.

“Ok Father,” Molly said. She unhooked her blouse and removed it. She threw her blouse on the sofa. Then, she removed her bra revealing her large, round, milky breasts which had deep pink nipples crested on the mounds and coral-blushed haloes surrounding them.

Father grabbed her breasts and squeezed them gently. As he pressed a bit harder, Molly said, “I am lactating Father.”

“I forgot you are a new mom. I’ll be gentle,” Father said. He bent down and kissed the nipple of her left breast. His left hand moved over her other breast and gently massaged the large, soft breast.

Molly moaned as Father Carlos’ mouth sucked her breast. She could feel her milk ooze out of her breast. It caused her pussy to tingle. She wanted to see his penis. She wanted to touch it and feel it inside her.

Father Carlos moved over to her right breast. He took her stiff nipple and a mouth full of her breast in his mouth. He sucked hard filling his mouth with her sweet milk and swallowing it. He sucked quick and hard three times before letting her breast pop out of his mouth.

Father moved back and sat down on the sofa. Then he said, “Please come closer and lift your Saree.”

Molly took a few steps closer to Father Carlos. She lifted her Saree slowly revealing her well-shaped legs and her laced panties. Father Carlos stretched his hand forward and grabbed her panties. He stripped it down till her knees. Molly removed it from legs and kept it on the Tea table.

Molly moved closer to Father Carlos. Father put his arms around her thighs and grabbed her ass cheeks. He ran his hands over her soft ass cheeks, cupping their roundness, sliding his hands down her soft thighs, then back to the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Finally, he cupped her hot steaming pussy. With his middle, he penetrated her wet pussy. He pushed his finger as deep as he could and pulled it out. Then, he pushed his index finger and middle finger inside her pussy. He massaged the inner walls of her soft, wet vaginal canal. His thumb found her clitoris, and massaged it eagerly. He looked up at the beautiful woman who was enjoying getting finger fucked. Father Carlos remembered seeing her in one of the wedding masses he had conducted. He had been attracted to her throughout the entire mass. ‘I have to somehow keep her with me forever,’ he thought.

Father Carlos pulled out his finger from Molly’s pussy and said, “Please kneel down on the sofa and bend forward.”

Molly lifted her Saree above her hip and got on top of the sofa. She knelt down and jutted her buttock backward.

Father Carlos moved behind Molly. He looked down at Molly’s beautiful ass. He had not fucked a woman for two months. Molly had come to him at the right time, like a blessing. He grabbed her soft ass cheeks and gently kneaded them, before parting them and looking into her asshole. Her asshole was clean and dry. He bent down and kissed her anus. Molly’s hip jerked forward unintentionally. Father Carlos moved back and said, “Don’t worry. I just kissed your anus.”

“It’s alright Father. I don’t mind. I just didn’t expect it.” Molly giggled.

“Oh, I want to kiss every part of your body,” Father Carlos told her.

“My pleasure Father.” Molly laughed.

Father Carlos lifted his white robe. He pulled his underwear down and striped it from his legs. He threw it on the sofa. He grabbed his hard cock and stroked it. He grabbed the shaft of his cock and pointed it at her vagina. He felt the slit of her vagina on the crown of his cock. He pushed slowly and his cock slid inside her tight wet pussy.

As Father Carlos’ cock glided inside her pussy, Molly could guess his cock had good length and girth. She accepted his cock inside her pussy whole-heartedly. She closed her eyes and moaned, “Oooohhh…Father!”

Father Carlos began to fuck his rock-hard cock into Molly’s cunt with all his strength, stretching her tight pussy walls, savoring the the pleasant friction they provided for his cock. His thrusts were fast and hard. His cock plunged rhythmically into her cunt.

Molly closed her eyes and concentrated her full attention on the marvellous thrills of his deeply skewering cock. She began to feel the wonderful pent-up sexual energy building up inside her. As his cock glided in and out of her pussy, it stimulated her clit. She wanted more and more. She wanted to tell him to fuck her harder but she didn’t feel bold enough to do it. She managed to whisper in a hushed voice, “Fuck me Father…fuck me harder.” She had not expected Father to hear her but he did.

“Ok daughter, you deserve it,” the holy Father responded. He ran his hands around her soft belly and griped her waist with both hands. He increased the tempo of pounding in her pussy. Harder and harder he banged his crotch on her quaking bottom, his sperm- swollen balls slapped noisily against her nakedly upturned ass-cheeks.

Molly felt ticklish, hot wave…starting from the centre of her pussy and out toward her fingertips and toes, as her sexual energy built up. She could suddenly feel every nerve ending in her body. Pleasure built up within her as the holy Father rammed his cock deeper into her cunt. He suddenly jerked forward, shooting a load of his semen inside her. She felt waves of pleasure throughout her body and a sudden surge of power exploded in her head. “Oh Father!” she moaned after blacking out for a second. She moaned as her stomach began to drop.

As Molly began releasing smoothly, the holy Father rammed his now softening cock deeper into her still cumming cunt, trying to get the most of her hot sex hole.

Finally, Father Carlos pulled his cock out, gasping with awe. Molly’s body felt numb with excitement. She felt blessed for meeting the holy Father Carlos.

Molly left the priest residence with Father Carlos’ blessing. She went to sister Janet’s office. Sister Janet congratulated her, and gave her the appointment letter.