Chapter 6 – Old friends

It was a beautiful sunny day. Farida chose to wear a floral frock. She combed her hair and touched up little makeup on her face. She turned around, checking her reflection from every angle before facing the mirror again and looking at her reflection. She smiled, liking what she saw. Her wavy, waist-length hair flowed down gracefully, around her pretty face and over her shoulder. The floral, low neck, sleeveless, midi dress, fit her figure perfectly, highlighting her ripe breasts, slender waist, wide hip and her large, shapely butt.

The doorbell rang, and Farida went to answer it. She opened the door and saw David, waiting for her. Every time she saw David, she had to stare for a few seconds because he was good-looking. He was tall and had ruggedly handsome features.

“Hi Farida,” David said, looking at her from top to bottom. “You look gorgeous,” he added.

“Thanks David,” she said. “I’ll tell my mom and be right back.”

Farida went to the kitchen where Mom and her sister Jessica were cooking.

“Mom, David is here. I’ll am leaving now,” Farida said.

“You are lucky!” Jessica giggled.

“He is married now!” Paula reminded Jessica. Then, she looked at Farida and said, “Farida, tell his wife, I said Hello.”

“Okay, I will. See you Mom,” Farida said and left the kitchen.

“Have fun!” Jessica said, teasing Farida.

Paula gave Jessica an angry stare, then she looked at Farida and said, “Bye Farida. Come home early.”

Farida left home with David. She was so glad David had brought his BMW. She sat down on the front passenger seat and closed the door.

“Ready?” David asked.

“Yes.” Farida smiled.

Five minutes later, as David drove the car, Farida asked, “How are you?”

“I am good, Farida. How are you?” David asked.

“I am good, David. How is married life?” Farida asked and looked at David.

David quickly looked at Farida to study her expression and turned away to look at the road. “Not bad…But I still miss you,” he said.

Farida laughed, as if she couldn’t believe him and asked, “Really?”

“Yes. I miss you very much Farida,” David said.

“Why do you miss me? You are married to a good woman,” Farida said, wondering if David was having marital problems.

“Well Farida…do you miss me?” David asked.

Farida laughed. “Of course, I miss you,” Farida said.

“I miss you more,” David said.

Farida laughed and asked. “Why do you miss me, David? Do you miss the sex?”

“Yes. I miss the awesome sex,” David said and laughed. “But jokes aside, it is more than sex. You really cared for us. That’s why I miss you.”

“That was five years ago. But I agree, I really cared for all of you,” Farida said as her eyes filled with tears.

“When did you meet Edwin and John?” David asked.

Farida laughed thinking about them. “Hmm….I don’t know,” she said. “Maybe four years ago. After you went to Dubai, John got a job in Mumbai and Edwin asked me to marry him. I was not ready to get married. I got a job in Bangalore and went there. I heard Edwin got married after I left Goa.”

“Do you know John also got married?” David said and looked at Farida to see her reaction.

“No way!” Farida said and laughed in disbelief. “He used to say, he will only get married to me.”

David laughed and drove the car through the gate of a resort.

“Where are we going?” Farida asked looking around.

“Sorry Farida,” David said. “I know I said, I am taking you home to have lunch with my family. But I changed the plan without asking you. My wife will be very jealous if she sees you.”

“You could have told me. You used to be very honest with me, remember?” Farida said.

“Sorry Farida. I thought you wouldn’t come if I told you I am taking you to a restaurant for lunch,” David said as he parked the car.

After David turned off the ignition, Farida said, “You know, I’ll go anywhere with you. You should have just told me.”

David turned to look at Farida and said, “I know.” He leaned forward and kissed her lips.

They kissed passionately for nearly a minute before Farida pulled away and said, “I forgot you are married!”

“I don’t mind,” David said and grinned.

“Cheater!” Farida accused David and laughed, as her vagina started to heat and moisten.

David laughed and said, “Maybe. I’ll do anything for you…even cheat on my wife!”

Their eyes locked and at that moment Farida knew that David still missed her, sexually. “Let’s go,” she said and looked away.

They got out of the car and walked towards the restaurant that was located in the resort.

Farida looked around and asked, “Isn’t this the same resort where we used to meet regularly?”

“Yes, it is the same resort and you will soon be with the same friends you used to meet,” David said.

Farida looked at David, confused. David smiled and pointed at two guys who were standing near the restaurant.

“Oh my Gosh! Edwin! John!” Farida yelled and ran towards them, carefully, as she was wearing her high heal sandals.

She hugged and kissed her old friends. “I missed you guys so much!” she yelled.

“We missed you too!” Edwin said.

“Wow Farida! you have grown into a beautiful woman,” John said checking her out from top to bottom.

Edwin stepped back and checked her out. “Wow! Yeah! You are gorgeous”, he said.

Farida shrugged. “Thanks,” she said and laughed shyly.

“Guys,” David said. “Farida must be hungry. Let’s go and get some food.”

They went inside the restaurant. They sat down at a table that David had reserved and ordered food.

Food was served after a few minutes and began eating. While they ate, they updated one another about the events that had occurred since the last time they had seen each other.

Farida learned that Edwin worked as a IT analyst for the government, John worked as a Art Director for an advertising agency and David worked as a software developer. Each of them had one child. Edwin had a two year old daughter, John had a three year son and David had a four year old daughter. They seemed to to have good jobs and seemed to be living happy married lives with their wives. Farida wondered if they were really happy, so she said, “It’s good to know, the three of you have settled down and have great married life.”

“Well,” John said. “Maybe these guys have a great married life. My married life is not great.”

“No. My married life is also not great,” Edwin said shaking his head.

“Me too,” David said.

“Why? What happened?” Farida asked.

John was the first to start. “My wife is a bitch. She doesn’t want me to talk to any woman for more than five minutes, but she cheats on me with other guys. I am just married to her because I work for her Dad’s agency.”

Farida shook her head.

“And my wife is a ugly outside and ugly inside,” Edwin said. “She is also very possessive. Hell will break loose if she sees me looking at another woman.”

“My wife is a Fashion model and social media influencer. She spends more time with her mirror and she is very possessive,” David said and shook his head.

“So all your wives are possessive because they love you,” Farida said.

“I wish I had married you,” David said.

“David! Don’t start dude,” Edwin said. “You marry someone else. I am going to divorce my wife and marry Farida.”

Everybody laughed.

“And, if you marry Farida, I’ll kill you and my wife. Then, I’ll marry Farida,” John said.

“What? Kill? Please don’t even joke like that with me,” Farida said, staring seriously at John.

“I am sorry. It was a bad joke,” John apologized.

“Yeah, it was a bad joke, John. You just pissed of Farida. She is never going to talk to you,” Edwin said teasing John. He then turned to Farida and asked, “Isn’t that true Farida?”

“Of course not. Stop telling me what to do,” Farida said and continued eating.

“I didn’t tell you do anything,” Edwin defended himself.

Farida gave him a naughty smile and shrugged. “I am so full!” she said.

“No place for Ice cream?” David asked.

“There will always be place for Ice cream,” Farida said and laughed.

Everybody laughed.

After the waiter served dessert, Farida started devouring the Ice cream, as if she had not eaten anything.

“Farida,” David called her.

Farida looked at him and asked, “Hmm?”

“I booked our favourite room,” David said.

Farida laughed and nodded. “I can watch one movie, just for old times’ sake. I told Mom, I’ll be back home early.”

The guys hi-fived each other . Farida laughed at their eagerness to spend some more time with her.

After lunch, they went to the room.

David unlocked the room. He opened the door and stepped inside. He held the door open for Farida to enter. Farida entered the room and moved slowly as she looked around. Edwin and John followed Farida.

“Really good! They have painted the walls and replaced the furniture,” Farida said.

“They also have better rooms now,” John said.

“I booked this room because Farida used to like the view from the balcony,” David said and closed the door.

“I have lot of good memories in this room,” Farida said.

“This was a favourite room for all of us. We made love to you for the first time here,” Edwin said reminding Farida.

Farida laughed and went towards the balcony. She opened the sliding door and stepped outside on the balcony. She looked at the breath taking view of the sea. The sunlight felt warm on her skin and the gentle breeze was soothing. She felt her skirt being lifted from behind and looked over her right shoulder. She saw John and smiled. She felt someone’s arm around her waist. She saw Edwin and smiled thinking it was just like the old times.

“Guys come inside. The balcony is not very private,” David said.

“Oh. I remember,” Farida said. “The last time we were on the balcony, a old couple were watching us make love from one of those balconies.”

“I remember.” Edwin said. “It was the first time I had anal sex with you. I am so glad you remember that,” Edwin said and laughed.

“Edwin, please don’t get into details,” Farida said. She turned around and walked into the room.

“Do you want a drink?” David asked.

“Do they have wine?” Farida asked.

“Yes,” David said and went to the bar fridge.

David held out a beer bottle and asked, “Guys, do you want beer?”

“Yeah!” John said and went to the fridge.

“Grab a beer for me too,” Edwin said and went to Farida.

Farida was standing in front the TV and watching the porn video, David had played from his mobile.

Edwin stood behind Farida and put his arms around her waist. He kissed the right side of her cheeks.

“I can feel youur…” Farida said and laughed.

“Do you want to feel it deep inside you?” Edwin asked and moved his hands up. He grabbed Farida’s breasts through her frock.

Farida laughed and squirmed in his arms.

David came with a glass of wine and gave it to Farida. John gave a beer bottle to Edwin and said, “Move back, it’s my turn.”

Edwin took the bottle from John and said, “She is mine. You have fun with David.”

“I am not gay bro!” John said calmly, knowing that it was only a joke.

David moved closer to Farida and stood on her right side. He leaned forward and kissed her lips. Farida kissed him back.

John pulled down the shoulder strap of her frock, exposing her ripe left breast. He bent down and started sucking her brown swollen nipple.

Edwin knelt down behind her and lifted her frock. He spread her butt cheeks apart and dug his face between her butt crack. He rubbed his nose on her butt crack. She smelled of soap and a feminine perfume. He kissed her brown puckered anus and inserted his tongue inside.

David kissed Farida passionately, while Edwin ate her anus and John sucked on her nipples. Farida felt the love they felt for her. She wished they had not separated. She told herself it will never be like the old times because they were all married.

John pulled away from her breasts. He stood straight and took a sip of beer from the bottle and kept it on the table. He knelt down before her. Her shaved pussy glistened with her pussy juices. He put his tongue out and licked her wet pussy lips. Then he inserted his tongue inside the opening of her pussy and licked the juices from the smooth, inner surface of her pussy.

David stopped kissing Farida and said, “I’ll remove my cloths.”

“Okay,” Farida said, while John and Edwin savored the taste of her pussy and anus.

Farida sipped sweet wine and watched David removing his cloths. When he pulled down his underwear, she saw his erect cock. Her heart missed a beat with excitement. It was thick and long like she remembered. She smiled at him. She put out her right hand and made a gesture with her fingers, calling him.

Edwin tried to insert his fingers into Farida’s pussy while John was eathing it. So john pulled away from her pussy and stood up.

David stroked his cock with his right hand and moved closer to Farida. Farida grabbed the thick shaft of his cock from his hand and stroked it. She liked the thickness and ruggedness of his cock. She looked affectionately at David and said, “I missed you”.

David kissed Farida’s lips. Farida kissed him back.

Edwin scooped out Farida’s pussy juices with his fingers and inserted the juices inside her anus, preparing her for anal penetration.

John gulped beer from the bottle, washing down Farida’s pussy juice. He took a moment to relax before starting to remove his cloths.

Edwin was satisfied with the lubrication job he had done inside Farida’s anus. He stood up and said, “Guys, I want to fuck now!”.

Farida couldn’t help laughing even though she was kissing David. She stopped kissing and asked David, “Do you want to fuck me too?”

“I’ve been waiting to fuck you for five years,” David said and smiled.

Farida laughed and turned to look at John. He had removed his cloths and he was stroking his cock. “What about you handsome?” she asked.

John grinned. “I want to fuck you first,” he said.

Farida laughed.

“I reserved her butt hole,” Edwin said.

Farida laughed.

“I reserved her pussy,” John said and grinned.

“I reserved all of her,” David said and winked at her.

She looked at David’s eyes admiring his handsome face. He moved closer and kissed her lips.

“Okay that’s enough love birds! Let’s get started,” Edwin shouted.

David and Farida stopped kissing and laughed. Farida removed her frock revealing her complete body to the boys for the first time in five years.

“Wow! You look sexy!” David said admiring her.

“Yeah! I can never get tired of fucking you,” Edwin said.

“Marry me Farida!” John pleaded.

Farida laughed.

Edwin moved behind Farida and put his hands around her waist. His hard cock pressed on her big, soft bottom. He pecked a kiss on the side of her neck and asked, “Do you want to ride on John’s cock? I’ll fuck your pretty ass and David can start with your mouth as usual.”

Farida laughed. “Okay,” she said, remembering Edwin had always preferd penetrating her anus.

John climbed onto the bed. He lay down on his back with his head on the middle of the bed and with his legs on the left of the bed. He bent his knees down from the edge of the bed and kept his feet on the floor. Farida knelt on top of the bed, with her legs out to either side of John, positioning herself in a cow girl position. She lowered her hip and felt the tip of his cock poke on her inner thighs. She adjusted her hip till she felt his cock on the mouth of her vagina. She lowered her hip more and the swollen head of his cock popped into her wet pussy. She closed her eyes and lowered more, allowing his thick cock to stretch and glide into her pussy. After his cock was fully inside her, she bent down and pecked a kiss on John’s lips.

Edwin stood on the floor behind Farida and wriggled his fingers inside Farida’s anus to make sure she was lubricated well, for a good anal penetration.

David got on top of the bed stood in front of Farida with his legs spread and his feet next to either side of Farida and John. Farida saw his stiff cock and gasped. It hung between his legs, swollen and menacing. The head looked bulbous and succulent. She opened her mouth. David moved closer to her and kept his cock in her mouth. The familiar taste of his cock filled her mouth. She moved her head forward, allowing his cock to glide deeper into her mouth. Then she started sucking it.

Lying below Farida, John played with her breasts and sucked her nipples as he slowly moved his cock up and down, inside her wet pussy.

Edwin was satisfied with the lubrication inside Farida’s anus. He stood straight and stroked his cock few times. Then he grabbed her large, cushion like ass cheeks and spread them apart. Farida’s anus twitched once and then loosened as she sensed what he was going to do.

John increased the pace of his thrust from beneath her. His cock moved rapidly in out of her. She felt tingles in her clit. She sucked David’s cock, hard and fast.

John sucked her swollen nipples as he squeezed her breasts. Simultaneously, he slammed his crotch on her bottom as he repeatedly penetrated her vagina. The impact shook her plump thighs, ass cheeks and breasts.

Edwin grabbed the sides of Farida’s ass, to keep it still and pressed the swollen head of his cock against her anus. He pushed his cock, opening her puckered anal ring and slowly gilding his cock into Farida’s anus, in one long stroke.

“Uuuhhh!” Farida chocked on David’s cock in her mouth, as Edwin’s cock stretched her anal tube and stuffed her up.

Feeling Edwin’s cock fully inside her anus, she tightened her asshole, embracing his cock for a moment. Then she loosened it, ready to get pounded.

Edwin began pumping his cock in and out of Farida’s asshole. His thrusts inside her anus were much faster than John’s trusts in her vagina. Farida understood John had to work harder to bear her weight, while he sucked her nipples and fucked her vagina. But, she was happy with the love he showed her.

Farida felt like a woman after a long time as her old friends fucked her, just like they used to fuck her years ago. She sucked David’s cock passionately loving the pistoning cocks inside her vagina and anus.

Edwin was the most energetic among her friends. He rammed his crotch on her big butt every time he thrust his rod deep inside her asshole. The impact of their bodies colliding produced cushioned thudding sounds, as Farida’s large, soft butt reduced the sound of the impact.

Thick, long, strong cocks glided in and out of Farida’s mouth, vagina and anus simultaneously. She was in the best position to get optimal pleasure. She didn’t want her old friends to stop fucking her but five minutes later, she felt Edwin’s cock jerk inside her asshole.

Edwin screamed as he came. “Uuuhhh … uuuhhh! Ohhh … Uuuhhh … Uh … uh! Nnnggghhh … ooohhh, shit … I’m c-cumming! Aaahhhhh … Aaahhhh … uuunanggghhh!”

Edwin grabbed Farida’s waist as he shuddered and shot his cum inside her asshole, till he emptied his balls. He pulled out before his cock shrunk and asked, “David, do you want to switch places?”

David was enjoying the blowjob Farida was giving him but his cock itched to feel the heat of her belly. “Yeah, let’s switch places,” he said.

While the boys changed positions, John continued fucking Farida’s tight little cunt and sucking her breasts.

David’s cock pressed on the soft flesh of Farida’s asshole and opened it. He pushed and glided smoothly inside her asshole that was lubricated with Edwin’s cum and her pussy juice. He pumped his cock slowly in and out of Farida’s well lubricated anal canal.

Edwin pointed his shrinking cock at Farida’s mouth. Farida opened her mouth and took it in her mouth. She clasped her mouth around the juicy cock and sucked it. She tasted the familiar taste of her pussy juice, semen and her anus. She sucked it eagerly as his cock began to swell in her mouth.

Suddenly, John began to pound his cock harder inside her cunt while sucking hard on her nipples.

Farida let Edwin’s cock slip out her mouth and moaned, “Ohhh…!” Farida moaned, with a bit of pain but the rapid movement of John’s cock in her cunt. But she loved it. She moaned, “Oh, John! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me, John! Oh, fuck me!” she cried.

John fucked her hard and fast while taking turns to suck both her nipples.

David pumped his cock slowly inside Farida’s anus, sensing Farida and John were on the brink of climax.

Farida laughed, as a violent orgasm exploded out from her clit and ripped hotly through her body.

A second later John moaned with pleasure, and shot his fuck-cream inside Farida’s cunt.

“Ohhhhhh, whaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” Fardia moaned, squirting as she orgasmed.

“Unnnnhhhhhh, unnnnggghhhhhhh!” John cried.

Farida bent down and kissed John’s lips and forehead, quietly thanking him for making her climax.

John lay on the bed, breathing heavily.

David pulled his cock out of Farida’s asshole and said, “Lie down on your back.”

Though Farida had climaxed just minutes ago, she wanted to feel David’s cock in her cunt. She got up from John and sat down on the bed.

John got down from the bed, sweating and panting.

Farida took tissue papers from the bedside table and dried her vagina which was flooding with her juices and John’s semen. Then, she lay down on her back with her legs and her cunt wide open. David positioned himself above her and slowly lowered his hip down, pointing his cock at her vagina. He felt the soft labia of her vagina and adjusted till the tip of his cock opened the slit of her vagina. He pushed his cock inside her vagina, feeling the tight, warm, moist vaginal canal welcoming his cock with love. He felt a immediate relief. He was filled with love and lust for her. He pulled his cock outward and pushed it back inside her. It felt so good, he did it again and again, admiring her pretty face. She miled at him affectionately and kissed her lips. He began fucking her faster and harder. Farida closed her eyes and surrendered to the rising sexual pleasure that dominated her senses. The steady thrusting into her cunt and pulling out seemed like it would never stop-nor did she want it to stop.

Slowly as pleasure became more intense, she moaned, “Ooohhh … ahhh … aahh, David! Ohhh, oooohhhh! … mmmppphhh!”.

Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, her lips mashed together as body prepared to orgasm again.

David groaned and rammed balls-deep into her cunt, wanting to get the most of her. The squeezing and clutching of her cunt made his cock throb in a way it hadn’t done for a long time. Her clit grew bigger and throbbed harder. Farida began shivering. She convulsed and laughed softly as a wave of pleasure splashed on her body from head to toe. She spasmed over and over again. Then as she began to climax, David fucked her harder knowing that he was going to empty himself into Farida’s cunt soon.

He closed his eyes and breathed quickly. He fucked her mindlessly, harder, faster and deeper till his cock shot cum into his favourite pussy.

David lay still on Farida, panting as his cum filled her up.

“That was a good show David. But it’s time for my second round,” Edwin said.

“Edwin!” Farida said, surprised. “That’s enough. I am too tired.”

“C’mon Farida? I don’t know when I’ll meet you again,” Edwin said, pleading.

“I will be in Goa for another two weeks. I can meet you again before leaving Goa, okay?” Farida said.

“Yeah!” Edwin and John said at the same time and pumped their fists.

David shot another load of his cum inside her cunt and pecked a kiss on her lips.