Chapter 1 – Shocking truth

Poornima was happy to return home, one day early from her holiday which had not gone as planned. She had found out she was pregnant the previous day. She wanted to meet Rishab and surprise him with the good news after he returned from the office. She paid the driver and got out of the taxi. She was surprised to see Rishab’s car on the driveway. She had not expected him to be at home on a weekday at 3:15 pm. But assuming he would have a good reason to be home early, she wanted to surprise him. She opened the gate quietly and entered. She unlocked the main door with her keys and entered the house. She immediately heard the sound of a woman’s laughter, coming from the bedroom. The sound of laughter was very familiar. She went closer to the bedroom. The door was half open. She peeped inside and got the shock of her life.

Rishab was standing near the bed. Before him, a woman was kneeling down on the bed. Both were completely naked. She tried to see the woman’s face properly. She heard Rishab say, “Do you want it?”

The woman looked over her shoulder and said, “Yes…fuck me now!”

That’s when Poornima recognized her best friend, Aishwarya. She was immediately angry and hurt. She wanted to run inside and scream at both of them, but she managed to stay calm.

Poornima watched her husband penetrate her friend’s vagina. Aishwarya’s moans of pleasure were painful to hear. Her eyes teared up. She wiped her tears and took her mobile phone. She focused the camera on them and began recording. She recorded for a few minutes till Rishab spasmed and ejaculated. Then she quietly moved away from the bedroom door. She took her bag and exited the house from the back door.

Poornima took an auto-rickshaw to the nearest hotel. She booked a room and checked in. As soon as she was inside the hotel room, she broke down crying. Images of the shocking scene she had witnessed flashed in her head. But even as she cried, she started to feel guilty for cheating on her husband and her friend. She had no idea if her husband and her friend had cheated on her first, or if she had cheated on them first. But as she cried, she felt like Karma had caught up with her for having an affair with Aishwarya’s husband, Darshan. She remined herself that she had sex with Darshan only because Rishab was infertile and she was desperate to have her own children. She had loved Rishab even though he was infertile, but she was sure he had never loved her because she had seen him having sex with Aishwarya. And even though Darshan had liked having sex with her, he had told her many times that he loved his wife, Aishwarya. She cried and told herself, ‘Rishab and Darshan love Aishwarya. They don’t love me.’

She wiped her tears. She went to the mirror and removed her clothes. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and thought, ‘Why? Why do they like her more than me? Am I ugly? Am I fat? Is it because my breasts are too big? Is it because my bottom is too big?  What is wrong with me? Why am I not good enough for Rishab and Darshan? Is Aishwarya more beautiful than me?’

Poornima felt worthless and hurt but she didn’t want to let that drag her down. She wanted to make a brand-new start. She was happy that she was pregnant and that’s all mattered to her. She went to the bathroom and had a long shower.

She felt better after having a shower. Standing before the mirror, she dried her hair with a hair dryer. She wore a clean panty, bra, blouse and petticoat. She draped the Saree and adjusted the Pallu and Pleats of her Saree. She turned around, looking at her appearance in the mirror from different angles and adjusted her Saree. Then, she put on her Mangalsutra, touched up light makeup on her face and kept a Bindi.

She stood still before the mirror and looked at her reflection. She looked good in the simple green and black Saree. The Saree was wrapped around her voluptuous body, outlining her curves. Her large breasts were full at the bottom and less full at the top. Her hips were wider than her breasts and shoulders. Her  arms and shoulders were proportionately slim, and her waist and belly were well-defined. Her pretty face complimented her well-endowed body. She liked her appearance but she also knew her husband liked slim women, like Aishwarya. She shrugged her shoulder in disappointment and moved away from the mirror.

She walked back and forth in the hotel room thinking about Rishab and Aishwarya. After half an hour, she decided she needed wine to forget about them. She opened the bar fridge and took a bottle of Moscato wine. She topped up a glass with wine and started sipping on it. The wine had a positive effect on her. She felt much better. She drank more wine and began to sing a happy Hindi song as she walked around the room.

After finishing one glass of wine, she felt hungry. She called room service and ordered snacks.

Few minutes later there was a knock on the door. She heard someone say, “Room service!”

She opened the door and saw a young man standing with a tray. He looked at her breasts and quickly looked up at her.  “Room service ma’am,” he said.

“Come inside. Keep it on the table,” Poornima said feeling a bit annoyed that he was checking out her breasts.

She took money from her purse and gave it to him as he was about to leave.

The guy took the money from her while his eyes scanned her breasts.

“How old are you?” Poornima asked feeling annoyed.

“20 ma’am,” The guy said nervously while his eyes were almost uncontrollably scanning her breasts.

Poornima suddenly realized she had got an opportunity to forget about Rishab and Aishwarya and have a good time. She smiled and said, “Don’t get scared. I am not angry. Ok?”

“Okay ma’am.” The boy replied.

“What is your name?” She asked and smiled trying to make him feel comfortable.

“Ravi ma’am,” he said and smiled.

“Do you have a girl friend?” She asked.

“No ma’am,” Ravi said, sounding sad.

“Are you a virgin?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Ravi said.

“Hmm…have you touched a woman’s breast?” She asked and gave him a naughty smile.

“No ma’am,” Ravi said feeling excited.

Poornima sensed his excitement and asked, “Do you want to touch my breasts?”

Ravi smiled shyly. He couldn’t believe it was really happening. He nodded.

Poornima unhooked her blouse and removed it. Then she unhooked her bra and removed it revealing her beautiful breasts. She saw him looking at her breasts with desperate sexual hunger in his eyes. She moved closer to him and said, “Don’t be scared. Touch it,” she said looking into her eyes.

Ravi couldn’t believe his good luck. Poornima’s face looked pretty and her breasts looked delicious. He quickly grabbed both her breasts. He squeezed her soft breasts. Her nipples felt hard in his palms. He squeezed the nipples of her right breast gently and looked at her beautiful face. She smiled encouragingly. Ravi bent down and sucked her nipple as he put his left hand around her hip and squeezed her bottom through her saree. With his right hand he caressed the smooth, soft skin of her belly. After a few minutes of sucking, he turned to her other breast and sucked her nipple. Poornima moaned and stroked his hair, watching him hastily suck her nipple. Her vagina was wet and ready to be penetrated. She realized he may have to get back to work and said, “Ravi, remove your pant. I want to see it.”

That caught Ravi’s attention. He pulled back quickly and stripped off his pants.

“Wow!” Poornima said, impressed by the size of his cock. He was only as tall as her but his penis was big and thick like Rishab’s penis. ‘Perfect,’ she thought to herself.

Poornima smiled at Ravi and said, “I like it.”

Ravi smiled at Poornima. Poornima turned around and went to the bed. She lifted her saree and stripped her panty revealing her large, well-shaped, plump, wide bottom.

Ravi admired Poornima’s massive bottom with disbelief. The beauty and size of her buttocks made his heart beat faster.

Poornima climbed on top of the bed and knelt down on the edge. She leaned forward, resting on her elbow on the bed. Her beautiful hips jutted out revealing her vulva and anus.

Ravi moved closer to her. The beauty of her bottom from close-up was even more stunning. Her pubic hair was shaved and the outer lips looked like little buns that needed a sausage between them. Her anus was clean and welcoming. Ravi had never seen anything that beautiful. He grabbed her massive butt cheeks and kneaded the soft flesh. Then he parted her butt cheeks and watched her anus open up to reveal the pink channel. He wanted to kiss her anus but he wanted to penetrate her first before she changed her mind. He pointed his cock at her vagina and moved closer. The glans of his cock pressed on her soft labia. He struggled to find the slit of her vagina, so Poornima stretched her arms between her inner-thighs and grabbed the shaft of his cock. She placed the cockhead in the slit of her vagina, between her labia and said the words she had heard Aishwarya saying to Rishab, “Yes…fuck me now!

Ravi pushed his penis slowly inside a vagina for the first time. It was moist, warm, welcoming and embracing. ‘Wow!’ he thought as he pushed fully inside her till his crotch pressed hard on her soft buttocks. His eyes closed automatically as comforting pleasure took over his mind. He let his cock rest inside her and cherished the moment.

Poornima moaned with pleasure. It felt good to have sexual intercourse after two days. Darshan had penetrated her before two days while they were on a secret holiday. She had been having a wonderful holiday with Darshan until he had started telling her how much he loved his wife, Aishwarya. Poornima had told him to go to his wife if he loved her that much. She had also found out that she was pregnant and returned home one day early to inform her her husband that she was pregnant. But, she had seen her husband having sex with Aishwarya. It was disappointing, so she didn’t want to think about it anymore. She closed her eyes and focused on the wonderful feeling emanating from her vagina as Ravi’s hard penis buzzed inside her vagina.

Ravi had watched too many porn videos. He knew exactly what to do. He pulled his cock outward and pushed it back inside her vagina quickly, causing Poornima to moan with pleasure. Hearing her moan, he felt assured that he was doing the right thing. He grabbed both sides of her ass and repeated the movement. It felt even better the second time. He repeated the movement again and again, pulling and pushing his cock inside her vagina, harder and faster like a natural. He fucked hastily, enjoying the pleasure his cock was able to derive from her tight vagina. His hard cock glided in and out of Poornima’s gripping pussy. He rammed his crotch on her soft butt every time he penetrated her. His hard shaft drove inside her again and again as he experienced the best pleasure for the first time in his life.  He loved it!

Poornima closed her eyes and moaned, “Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooaaaaaahhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhh, rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiii. oooooooohhhhhh. Her clit tingled and the feeling spread to her inner thighs. She felt as if a cool stream of water flowed in her abdomen. Waves of pleasure soared throughout her body. Her face turned red with intense pleasure. She felt goosebumps. Her skin tightened. Her nipples felt harder and more sensitive, her face and chest flushed. Her body shuddered and felt an explosion of sexual pleasure in her head. She laughed and rested her head on the bed enjoying the release as he pounded her vagina like a mad man. Her wet vagina caused slushy sounds. He could feel her vaginal tunnel tightening its grip on his penis as if trying to squeeze everything out of his penis. His movements became irregular. His penis felt heavy as he plunged his cock fully inside her. He suddenly spasmed and shot his cum in the depth of her vagina. Breathing heavily, he held on to her butt, ejaculating his semen inside her vagina.

Poornima didn’t mind him ejaculating in her vagina because she was already pregnant. After his cock popped out of her vagina, she got down from the bed and adjusted her saree.

“Can I take a picture of you ma’am?” Ravi requested.

“No. Not without my blouse,” Poornima said and laughed taking her bra and blouse from the chair.

Ravi realized he may not get a chance to have sex with her again and asked, “Please give me your phone number ma’am?”

“I can’t give it to you now. Give me your number. I’ll call you after a few days,” Poornima said, as she put on her bra and blouse. She put her saree’s Pallu over her shoulder and went to the other end of the room to bring her mobile.

As Poornima walked away from him, Ravi feared she might change her mind about allowing him to take a picture and quickly took a picture of her back. And when she walked back with her mobile, he took another picture of her.

Poornima saw Ravi taking pictures of her and didn’t think much about it in her drunken state. “Give me your number,” she said.

Ravi told her his mobile number.

“Your good name ma’am?” Ravi asked.

“Poornima,” she said.

“Beautiful name ma’am,” Ravi said.

Poornima smiled.

“Thanks ma’am…” Ravi said and hesitated before reluctantly asking, “Ma’am…when can we meet again?”

“I’ll call you,” Poornima said and smiled.

“Ok ma’am. Thank you very much ma’am…. bye,” Ravi said excitedly.

“Bye Ravi,” Poornima said and watched him step out of the door.

After Ravi left, she drank more wine and blacked out within an hour.

The next day she woke up with a bad hangover. She slowly remembered everything. Reality began to sink in. Regret and guilt took over her mind. She tried to ignore the thought, telling herself that Rishab was also cheating on her with Aishwarya.

She called Rishab and told him she was returning home that afternoon.

After returning home she relaxed for a while before doing her routine household work. In the evening after Rishab came home, she told him the good news about her pregnancy. He was very happy.