Chapter 1 – Moving up the ladder

It was a regular day at the office. Farida was sitting at her desk and looking at interior pictures of a house she had designed. She was lost in thought when the phone on her table rang. She answered the call.

“Farida. Please come to my office,” Sidharth said.

Farida went to Siddharth’s office. She knocked on the door and asked, “Can I come in?”

“Come in,” Sidharth said.

Farida went to his desk and stood there. Sidharth looked up at her and said, “The client is very happy with your work. He wants you to design the interiors for another house.”

“Great! It will be my pleasure,” Farida said and laughed.

“We are doing a walk-through video tomorrow. I want you to do the presentation for the video.”

“Me?” Farida was surprised. Sidharth had never asked her to make a video presentation. After starting work three months ago, she had designed two homes, but he had asked her colleagues to make video presentation of the houses she had designed.

“Yes you.” Sidharth smiled. “I am impressed by your work. I’d like you to get more involved in all our projects. okay?”

“Okay,” Farida smiled, happy to know Sidharth was happy with her work.

“Come to the property directly tomorrow at 10 AM. Wear a Saree that matches with the colors in house. The camera crew will be there when you go there. Just work on your presentation. You’ll be fine.”

“Thank you Sidharth,” Farida said excitedly and left his office.


Farida’s point of view

I love wearing Saree, but I used to avoid wearing Saree because of the extra attention I got from people. My breasts and bottom looked too big when I wore a Saree. That’s why I usually wore loose fitting dresses. But Sidharth had asked me to wear a Saree, so I had to wear a Saree.

I chose a green Saree. It had green flower designs on a black background. The border was embroidered with gold colour thread. It was not very colourful but it was a beautiful Saree. Most importantly, I thought it would blend with the interiors of the house.

I draped the Saree, styled my hair and put on light make-up. The Saree hugged very well around my body as it was made of soft, very flexible material. It highlighted my curves and made my bottom look big. So, I started to doubt if the Saree was the right choice for the occasion. I thought I should wear a Saree that didn’t cling to my body so much, but it was too late to try another Saree. I just took my bag and left home, hoping Sidharth doesn’t fuss about my Saree.


Narrator’s point of view

Farida reached the property at 9:50 am. The camera crew was already there. She greeted them and exchanged pleasantries with them, ignoring the dirty looks the men were giving her.

She went to the living room and sat down on the Sofa. She went through the presentation copy; she had written down the previous evening.

Fifteen minutes later, Sidharth came to the property. The camera crew greeted him. He saw Farida sitting on the Sofa and went to her. Farida stood up and said, “Hello Sidharth.”

“Wow! you look sexy!” he said, looking at her from top to bottom.

“Do you like the Saree?” Farida asked blushing but feeling uncomfortable by the way he was checking her out.

“I love it!” Sidharth said, still checking her out.

“I thought you wouldn’t like it because it makes me look fat,” Farida said and laughed, feeling uncomfortable by his lusting eyes.

“Hmm…fat?” Sidharth grimaced. “Turn around. Let’s see,” he said.

Farida turned around. She heard Sidharth say, “Beautiful!” and she heard someone from the camera crew whistling. Then, she heard Sidharth asking the guys, “Guys are you ready?! ”

“We are ready sir!” one of the men said.

Farida turned around smiling to herself, feeling flattered by the attention she was getting from the men. Since she had joined the company, Sidharth had been giving her dirty looks. But he had never told her she looked sexy. She felt flattered but she ignored the thought and tried to focus on the presentation.

Sidharth gave instructions to the camera crew. Farida read the introduction copy a few more times. When the camera crew were ready, Sidharth turned to Farida and gave her instructions. Then, they rehearsed a few times. When Sidharth was happy with Farida’s rehearsal they began shooting.

First, they recorded Farida’s presentation in the Foyer. Farida explained her reasons for choosing distinctive artefacts, false ceiling, beautiful spot lights, furniture and colours. After they finished recording in the foyer, Sidharth came to Farida and told her she had done an excellent job.

The camera crew went to the living room.

Farida stood next to Sidharth and watched the camera crew set up lights and camera. She felt fingers squeeze her right butt cheeks. Shocked, she shuddered and moved forward. She turned and looked. She saw Sidharth.

Sidharth laughed, “Sorry I was just kidding.”

“You scared me.” Farida shook her head. That was the first time Sidharth had touched her inappropriately. She had heard from girls in the office that Sidharth had a habit of touching them inappropriately.

The camera crew were ready. Farida quickly refreshed her memory and stood at her spot. When the camera man yelled “start,” Farida started her presentation. She did perfectly at the first take. Fifteen minutes later they were done in the living room.

The crew went to the master bedroom. Sidharth and Farida followed them. They stood in the corner and watched the crew set up the camera. Sidharth looked at her and said, “You have selected a good bed. I want to make love to you on that bed.”

Farida was taken aback. “Sidharth…What are you saying?!”

“My penis is hard for you,” he said, looking steadily at her.

Farida looked at him, speechless before she said, “You are married. You have kids,” Farida said.

“I know. I just want to make love to you,” Sidharth said and grinned.

Shocked and confused, Farida looked away. She liked Sidharth. He was tall and handsome but he was a married man. She looked back at him and said, “Sorry Sidharth, I don’t want to be responsible for breaking your marriage.”

“You won’t….” Before Sidharth could finish the camera man yelled, “Ready!!”

Farida stood next to the bed and presented the room. The first take was interrupted by Sidharth. He told her to sit down on the bed slowly as she presented.

Farida did what Sidharth wanted and they were done shooting in the bedroom within half an hour.

The crew went to the second bedroom. Sidharth asked Farida to go with him to the living room. Farida followed him. He turned around and said, “I’ll make sure my wife doesn’t know.”

“It’s not only about your wife. It’s also about me. I don’t want to have sex just to keep my job. I am sorry,” she said.

Sidharth stared at her. He had not expected a blunt answer but he was not going to give up. “I’ll double your salary!” he said.

Farida looked into his eyes and realized he was serious. She looked away from him and said, “I don’t know Sidharth. I don’t know.”

They heard the camera man yell, “Ready!!”

“Farida,” Sidharth said to get her attention. When she looked at him, he said, “I am serious. I’ll double your salary.”

Farida just walked away. She went to the bedroom. The camera was ready. Sidharth followed her and said, “Let’s start.” He turned to Farida and said, “You know what to do.”

Farida nodded.

The camera man yelled, “1, 2, 3, action!”

Sidharth admired Farida as she presented like a professional before the camera. He had thought she only had a pretty face but he had not known she had a great body under the loose dresses she had been wearing to the office. He reassured himself that it was worth paying her more salary, not only because she was the hottest woman, he had seen but also because she was a very talented interior designer.

After they were done, the crew went to the kitchen. Sidharth came to Farida and smiled. She gave him a half smile. “What have you decided?” Sidarth asked.

“Do you love your wife?” Farida asked.

Sidharth just stared at her for a moment and said, “I’ll give you a company car.”

“Really?” Farida lifted her eyebrow.

“A brand-new car,” Sidharth said.

“I am confused. Can we first finish filming…please?” Farida pleaded.

Sidharth thought about it and nodded.

Farida went to the kitchen. The crew had set up the camera. She did a great presentation of the kitchen. After they were done, Sidharth said, “Guys let’s just cover the bathroom and balcony without Farida. We’ll add voice over later”

Farida went to the living room and sat down on the Sofa. Sidharth came and sat next to her. “Are you alright? You look worried,” he said.

She didn’t look at him. She didn’t say anything.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you. Okay?”

Farida looked at him. She could tell he was serious.

Sidharth tried to convince her for another 20 minutes before he heard the camera man say, “Sir we are leaving.”

Sidharth got up from the Sofa and went to the men. He had a brief chat with them and sent them off. He closed the door and came to the Farida. He sat down next to her and asked, “What is your decision?”

“I don’t know,” Farida said looking ahead at nothing.

“Look at me,” Sidharth said.

Farida turned to look at him. He moved closer to her. She moved her head back and looked into his eyes.

“You smell good,” he said looking into her deep brown eyes.

Seeing her smile, he moved closer. Farida didn’t move back. He kissed her lips. He parted her lips with his tongue and inserted his tongue inside her mouth. His tongue darted inside her mouth and his right hand caressed the smooth skin of her exposed waist and belly.


Farida’s point of view

I was confused. I just let him kiss me. I could feel his hands on my belly and breast. I wanted to tell him to stop but I felt so weak. After a few minutes when he pulled back, I wanted to stand up and tell him I was going home, but couldn’t.

“Come. Let’s go to the master bedroom,” he said and stood up.

We both stood up. He held my hand and led me to the bedroom. We stopped near the bed. He took me in his arms and kissed me again. I could feel his muscular arms and chest on me. I guessed that he worked out regularly. I felt good in his arms.

He stopped kissing and moved back. He moved the Saree on my chest and tried to remove the hook. So, I unhooked the blouse and removed my blouse and bra. He said my breasts were beautiful and bigger than his wife’s breasts. I don’t know if he was lying but I felt good. He sucked my nipples and played with my breasts. He sucked for a short time and moved away. He started to remove his clothes. I stood there and watched him. He had an athletic body a and good size penis.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

I was embarrassed. I didn’t say anything.

“You will like it soon. Please, get on top of the bed,” he said.

“Are you going to double my pay and give me a company car?” I asked him to make sure he was not lying just to have sex with me.

“Definitely, you deserve it,” he said.

I was happy. I got on top of the bed and lay down on my back.


Narrator’s point of view

Sidharth looked down at Farida lying down on the bed, fully dressed. He wanted to see her completely naked but he wanted to penetrate her before she changed her mind. He got on top of the bed and knelt down next to her. He pulled her Saree and skirt above her knee.

“Bend you legs and spread it open,” he said.

Farida pulled her Saree up and bent her legs.

Sidharth knelt down between her legs and looked down at her beautiful, plump thighs. The cream colour, laced panty matched well with her skin tone. He pulled her panty down. Farida lifted her hip and straightened her legs, helping him to strip off her panty.

With her panty gone, Sidharth looked down between Farida’s inner thighs, admiring her beauty. Her vagina was clean shaven and oval shaped. Her outer labia was puffed and the inner labia was slightly exposed up and down like a flower about to bloom. Her tiny anus, just below her vagina complimented her beauty of her bottom. He bent down, between her legs and kissed her vagina. He could smell her vaginal juice. She was ready for him. He didn’t want to waste any more time. He pecked a kiss on her clit before pulling back. He leaned forward on top of her, placed his hands on the bed to support his upper body. He lowered his hip and felt the soft labia of her vagina on the glans of his hard cock. He adjusted a bit and felt the slit of her vagina. He pushed an inch and looked down at her beautiful face. Her eyes were closed. She seemed to be waiting in anticipation. Admiring her face, he pushed his penis into the well-lubricated channel of her vagina.

Farida smiled as he entered. His big, hard cock filled her to the brim. She felt a heart warming satisfaction with a good sized cock stuffed in her pussy.

Sidharth looked at Farida’s smiling face. He moved closer and kissed her. He pulled his cock outward. She moaned and tightened her vagina, unwilling to let go of his cock. He slowly pulled it out and quickly slammed himself forward, drilling the full length inside her. The sudden invasion made Farida whimper with delight. The tight, young muscles of her cunt contracted around his hard shaft. He pulled out again, then lunged down, burying the hard rod of flesh deeper into her hot, wet cunt.

Farida expected him to pull out but he didn’t. She opened her eyes and saw him moving his head down and suck the swollen nipple of her right breast. He sucked and pulled at the rubbery tip. His cock moved moved slowly in and out of her pussy. He sucked her breast and fucked her cunt at the same time. He turned to her left breast and sucked the nipple as he continued to fuck her. She squirmed and quivered under him. He sucked so hard on her nipple, it hurt but she loved it. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment.

Sidharth pulled his lips from her breast with a wet “pop.” His mouth was quickly on her mouth. His tongue probed inside her mouth. He dropped his full weight on her body, his chest smashing into her tits, pancaking her soft bosoms. The stiff nipples of her breasts stabbed into his chest. His hands slid under her, grasping the cheeks of her ass and jerking them upward and spearing them apart.


Farida’s point of view

I was caught up in a moment of lust. At that moment when Sidharth was making love to me, I didn’t care that he was a married man. I didn’t care about anything. I felt waves and waves of intense pleasure passing through my body. I felt like I had blacked out with pleasure. I don’t know why I felt so good that day. Maybe it was because I had not had sex for two months or maybe because I liked Sidharth too much.


Narrator’s point of view

Sidharth watched her happy face and pumped in and out of her cunt. His balls boiled with desire. Hot cum raced through his throbbing cock and erupted, spewing thick cum into her belly. Hunching deep into her cunt, he emptied himself. He pecked a kiss on her lips and said, “Keep up the good work. You’ll move up the ladder quickly.”

Farida smiled and said, “Thank you boss.”