Chapter 4 – Maa’s little secret

Chapter 4-Mas little secret

Naveen had gone to the office and Meera had not come out of her room. Nirmala was watching a morning show on TV and breast feeding her baby when she noticed her breasts had swollen and the areolas had become dark. She knew it was a nothing to worry about because it was a normal symptom at seven weeks of pregnancy. She smiled at the thought of a having another baby soon. She heard a door open and looked at Meera’s room. She saw the maid coming out of the room and asked, “Nadiya, is Ma sleeping?”

“No Madam. She is in the shower,”  Nadiya said.

“Did you clean her room?” Nirmala asked.

“Yes Madam,” Nadiya said.

“Please clean the kitchen. I finished cooking,” Nirmala said.

“Okay Madam,” Nadiya said and walked towards the kitchen.

Nirmala watched Nadiya and thought, ‘she looks much better than the previous maid.’

Nirmala liked Nadiya’s habit of wearing clean clothes every day and doing her job properly. But she was concerned about her behaviour with Meera. Nadiya had become closer to Meera. Nirmala had seen them talking like close friends. She didn’t want Meera to get attached to Nadiya because Nadiya could be replaced if she didn’t do her job properly.

Nirmala heard Meera’s bedroom door opening. She saw Meera and said, “Wow Ma! You look very beautiful.”

Meera smiled as she came to the sofa. She sat down on the single sofa and asked, “Do I really look good?”

“Yes Maa. You look very beautiful and young. The hairstyle suits your face,” Nirmala said admiring her beautiful mother-in-law.

Meera laughed and said, “Thanks for your compliment Beti.”

Nirmala was right. Meera didn’t look too old. She was 55 but she looked like she was in her mid-forties. She had medium-black, waist length hair and she usually plaited it. She had changed her hairstyle by letting it loose, parting it from middle and giving it a wavy look. The hair style suited her oval face. She had a voluptuous motherly body. Her hips and breasts were large, and bottom was plump. Her waist was narrow and her belly had just enough fat to make her look sexy. She had a pear-shaped body shape. She had maintained her body and health by going for long walks in the mornings and evenings.

Nirmala and Meera continued to chat and watch TV. And, that day passed uneventfully.

From that day, Nirmala observed Meera every day. She noticed Meera had changed. Meera dressed well and looked happy. Nirmala was happy for her mother-in-law but she wondered what was making her happy. She asked Meera about it. Meera just told her she was happy because she didn’t have any problems. Nirmala was not satisfied with the answer. She hoped to find the real reason and moved on.

One month later, Nirmala noticed the happiness on Meera’s face had disappeared. She asked Meera if something was wrong. Meera told her nothing was wrong. But Nirmala was sure Meera was hiding something from her.

Two days later she got the answers she was looking for. After having lunch, she was sitting in the living room and watching TV and Meera had gone to her room to have a short nap as usual, when Nadiya came to her and said, “Madam, I want to talk you about something important.”

Nirmala lowered the TV volume with the remote and asked, “What is it, Nadiya?”

“I have been asking Meera Madam for money. But she is not giving me the money,” Nadiya said.

“What?! Why did you ask her for money?” Nirmala was surprised. “I paid you last week.”

“That’s different Madam. I have a video of Meera Madam,” Nadiya said.

“What?! What video?” Nirmala was confused and shocked.

Nadiya switched ON her mobile phone. She lifted her hand and showed the mobile screen to Nirmala. Nirmala was shocked as she watched the video of Meera and Nadiya having sex. Both were on the bed. Nadiya was on all fours. Meera was behind her kissing and licking Nadiya’s bottom passionately.

Nirmala was ashamed to watch her mother-in-law having sex with the maid. “Why did you record it!” Nirmala yelled.

Nadiya shrugged. “If you don’t give me money, I’ll put it on the internet.”

“You bitch!” Nirmala yelled and stood up.

Nadiya stepped back and said, “I’ll put it on the internet Madam.”

Nirmala stared at Nadiya for a moment and slowly calmed down. “How much money do you want?”

“50,000 Rupees,” Nadiya said.

“50,000?!” Nirmala was shocked because she only paid her 10,000 for a month.

Nadiya shrugged.

Nirmala was furious but she knew she had to handle the situation carefully. “How many copies of the video do you have?” She asked.

“I don’t have any copies,” Nadiya said.

Nirmala gave her a suspicious look. “Are you sure?” She asked.

Nadiya nodded.

“I don’t want you to come back after I give you the money and blackmail me with another copy of the video,” Nirmala said, hoping Nadiya won’t play games with her.

“I don’t have another copy,” Nadiya said.

Nirmala didn’t trust Nadiya but she decided to get rid of Nadiya. “Okay, I’ll get the money. Wait here,” Nirmala said.

Nirmala went to her bed room on the first floor. She took the money and went back to the living room on the ground floor.

She stared at Nadiya and said, “I’ll give you the money but I want you to give me your mobile.”

“I don’t want to sell my mobile Madam,” Nadiya replied.

“I’ll give you 5000 Rupees extra,” Nirmala said.

Nadiya thought about it and agreed with the deal.

“Okay, I am going to keep the money near the main door. Remove the password from your mobile phone and give it to me. You can take the money when you leave,” Nirmala said.

Nadiya nodded.

Nirmala went to the main door and kept the money on the shelf near the door. She came back and stood next to Nadiya and watched her remove the password. She took the mobile from Nadiya and said, “Bye”.

Nadiya walked away. She took the money and left Nirmala’s house.

Nirmala switched on Nadiya’s mobile phone. She opened the video on Nadiya’s mobile and watched it again. Meera looked happy in video as she had sex with Nadiya. Nirmala was happy she had found Meera’s reason for happiness. She switched OFF the mobile phone. She went upstairs to her bedroom and kept the mobile in a secret place. She felt relieved after handling the situation carefully. She quickly checked the babies. They were fast sleep. She went to the full-length mirror on the wardrobe and looked at her reflection. She was happy with appearance. She had bathed early in the morning and got dressed in clean cloths. The light pink, floral saree, she had worn looked beautiful around her wide luscious hips and buttocks. The matching blouse fit her perfectly on her large breasts. Her slender waist and belly were partially covered but visible through the transparent saree. She adjusted the pleats and Pallu of the Saree, thinking about the best way to talk to Meera about Nadiya.

Nirmala heard Karan’s baby crying and walked away from the mirror. She took the baby and went to the bed. She laid the baby on the bed. She quickly unhooked her blouse and pulled down the flap of her nursing bra. She laid down next to the baby and placed the nipple of her right breast in the baby’s mouth. The hungry baby started to suck and drink her milk.

After the baby went to sleep, she carefully pulled out her nipple from the baby’s mouth. She got down from the bed and carried the baby to her cradle. She placed the baby inside the cradle carefully. Then she looked inside her son’s cradle. He had woken up and he was playing. She smiled at him and petted him. She took him out of the cradle and left the room. She went to down stairs to the living room and sat down on the sofa. She played with her baby. Baby laughed and giggled as he played with his mom.

Half an hour later Meera walked into the living room. She was happy to see her daughter-in-law and grandson. She sat down next to Nirmala and started to pet the baby. She took the baby from Nirmala. Almost immediately, the baby started to cry. Meera tried to stop the baby from crying by petting him but the baby cried more. So, Nirmala took the baby back from Meera and attempted to stop him from crying, but he didn’t. So, she laid him on her lap, unhooked her blouse, pulled the flap of her nursing bra and breast fed her baby.

Baby stopped crying and there was calm again.

“Is Karan’s baby sleeping?” Meera asked.

“Yes Maa. I breast fed her and put her to sleep,” Nirmala said, watching her baby hungrily sucking her nipple.

“Is Nadiya in the Kitchen?” Meera asked.

Nirmala turned and looked at Meera. “No Maa. I sent her away,” Nirmala said.

“Why?” Meera asked, surprised.

“She wanted money,” Nirmala said, watching Meera face.

The expression on Meera’s face showed fear. “Oh no! I am so sorry Beti,” Meera apologized.

“You don’t have to apologize Maa,” Nirmala said.

“Please don’t tell Naveen. He thinks I am a perfect woman,” Meera pleaded.

“Maa, you are perfect. There’s nothing wrong about having a lesbian relationship. But Nadiya was a bad choice,” Nirmala said.

Meera nodded feeling completely confused and worried.

Nirmala looked down at baby. He had fallen asleep. “Maa, he is sleeping. I’ll keep him in his cradle and come back.”

“Ok, Beti,” Meera managed to say even though her heart was broken because of Nadiya’s betrayal.

Nirmala carried baby and went upstairs. She went to her bedroom and kept baby in the cradle. She quickly checked her appearance in the mirror before leaving the room. She went to the ground floor living room. She saw Meera sitting on the sofa with her face in both her palms. Nirmala felt bad for Meera. She went to the sofa and sat down next to Meera. She touched Meera’s shoulder and said, “Maa, please don’t feel bad.”

Meera moved her palms away from her face and said, “I tried to suppress my lesbian feelings for a long time Beti. But Nadiya is beautiful and she responded well to me, that’s why I trusted her. I am very sorry Beti.”

“Maa, you don’t have to suppress your lesbian feelings and please forget about Nadiya. She is not worthy of your trust and love,” Nirmala said, consoling Meera.

“I don’t know Beti. I don’t know what to do,” Meera sounded very disappointed.

“Maa, Can I ask a question?” Nirmala said.

“What is it Beti?” Meera looked at Nirmala curiously.

“Promise me you won’t get angry,” Nirmala said and smiled.

“I can never get angry with you Beti. Just ask me your question,” Meera said.

“Can you replace Nadiya with me?” Nirmala asked.

Meera tried to understand the question for a moment. Then she smiled and reluctantly said, “Do you mean…”

Nirmala nodded. “Yes Maa. Instead of trusting a maid, you can trust me with your secrets.”

“But Beti, I also need someone to love,” Meera said, trying to make Nirmala understand.

“I am here for you Maa. You can love me. If you want someone else, I can help you find that person,” Nirmala clarified.

“Oh! That’s so good, Beti! You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I have fantasised about making love to you. I don’t want anyone else Beti,” Meera confessed.

Nirmala laughed. “Really Maa?”

“Yes Beti. I know it is wrong to be jealous of my own son but I am jealous of Naveen,” Meera said, surprising Nirmala.

“Maa, you have the right to make love to me just like Naveen. You can make love to me anytime you want,” Nirmala said.

Meera laughed, feeling happy and relieved. Then she abruptly stopped laughing and asked, “But if Naveen finds out he will be very angry!”

“Don’t worry Maa. He won’t find out. It will be our little secret. Even if he finds out, I know how to make him understand,” Nirmala assured Meera.

“Are you sure Beti?” Meera asked doubtfully.

“I am very sure Maa,” Nirmala insisted.

Feeling Relived, Meera smiled.

Nirmala smiled reassuringly.

Meera moved closer to Nirmala and kissed her on the lips. Her tongue swirled between Nirmala’s lips and felt the touch of Nirmala’s tongue on hers. Their tongues began to dance in lust. Turning their heads from side to side, they passionately French kissed as the burning sexual desire aroused them.

Meera was happy with Nirmala’s response to her kiss but she wanted more. She stopped kissing. She moved back and said, “Beti can you show me your private parts?”

Nirmala smiled shyly and said, “Yes Maa.”

Nirmala stood up and lifted her Saree. She pulled her panties down and kept it on the sofa. She lifted her Saree above her hip and let Meera have a good view of her vagina.

“It’s very beautiful Beti. Do you shave your vagina regularly?” Meera asked admiring Nirmala’s vagina.

“Yes Maa. I don’t like it hairy,” Nirmala said.

“I shave it too Beti. I don’t like it hairy either. Can you turn around and show me your buttocks?” Meera asked, feeling proud of her beautiful daughter-in-law.

Nirmala turned around, holding her Saree above her waist.

“Wow, your buttocks is big and beautiful. Does Naveen love your buttocks?” Meera asked.

“Yes Ma. He thinks I have the best buttocks,” Nirmala said and laughed.

“He is right. Your buttocks has a nice pear shape,” Meera said.

“Thanks Maa,” Nirmala said, happy with the compliment.

“Come close Beti,” Meera said, admiring Nirmala’s ass.

Nirmala moved few steps behind.

Meera placed both her palms on each of Nirmala’s butt cheeks. She moved her palms gently on the large mounds of flesh. “They are soft and smooth. They are very nice,” she said. Then she placed her fingers between Nirmala’s butt crack and parted the butt cheeks. She got a good view of Nirmala’s anus and said, “You have a cute anus Beti.”

“Thanks Ma,” Nirmala said and blushed.

Does Naveen penetrate your anus?” Meera asked gently kneading Nirmala’s soft ass cheeks.

“Yes Maa. He does it frequently,” Nirmala said.

Meera placed the index finger of her right hand on Nirmala’s tightly puckered anus and gently moved her thumb finger around the brown rim, feeling the uneven surface. She moved forward and sat on the edge of the sofa. Then, she moved her face closer to Nirmala’s bottom, flicked her tongue out and with the tip of her tongue she touched the skin at the lower end of Nirmala’s vagina. She licked, tracing the flesh between Nirmala’s vagina and anus. She pressed her nose against Nirmala’s anus and sniffed it. She like the fresh fragrance of soap. She closed her eyes and kissed. Her lips covered the puckered brown rim of Nirmala’s anus and her tongue penetrated the tiny hole.

Nirmala’s anus twitched with pleasure. She relaxed her anus welcoming her mother-in-law’s tongue.  The sensation she was feeling was too good to be true. Chills rushed to her brain as her anus was nudged open by Meera’s tongue. Nirmala shivered in lust as Meera’s tongue moved in and out of Nirmala’s tender anus, over and over again. Nirmala was near ecstasy. By the time Meera lifted her head, Nirmala’s anus was thoroughly licked inside and out.

“Turn around Beti. You must be very wet,” Meera said.

Nirmala sighed with satisfaction and turned around.

Meera put her arms around Nirmala’s hips and grabbed her large butt checks. She moved her face closer to Nirmala’s wet vagina and covered it with her mouth. Her tongue licked Nirmala’s vagina, savouring the aromatic pussy juice. Slurping and sucking, Meera licked and swallowed Nirmala’s delicious vaginal juice, hoping to consume every drop, but suddenly the doorbell rang.

Meera pulled back and looked up at Nirmala. Nirmala moved back and let her Petticoat and Saree drop down. Nirmala went to the nearest door camera monitor in the living room and saw Naveen behind the main door. She told Meera it was Naveen. She quickly grabbed her panties from the sofa, she put it on and adjusted her Saree. Then, she hurried to the door and opened the door.

Naveen stepped inside the house, complaining about the traffic.

The rest of the evening was uneventful but Nirmala and Meera felt excited about the wonderful times they were going to have in the future.