Chapter 5 – Pre-employment medical tests

The medical center was not busy. There were only three ladies in the waiting room. Sameera was one of them. She liked the place. It was well maintained and had a modern look. She was glad she had got the appointment one week after meeting Daisy and Saeed.

A few minutes later her buzzer began buzzing. She went to the receptionist. She gave the buzzer to the receptionist and went to the doctor’s office. She opened the door and saw a pretty woman sitting at the doctor’s desk.

“Sameera?” the woman asked.

“Yes doctor. I am Sameera,” she said.

The doctor smiled. “I am Alisha. Please sit down,” she said.

Sameera sat down smiling, and looked at Alisha.

“Daisy told me you are beautiful but you are more beautiful than I expected,” Alisha said.

Sameera smiled shyly. She wanted to tell Alisha that she was very beautiful too but she didn’t feel comfortable enough to say it. She just said, “Thank you doctor.”

“You will do very well as an escort. You have a very pretty face and a beautiful body, but your health is very important. I hope you understand regular check-ups are very important. You will have to come for a check-up every time after you have sex with someone. We’ll take your blood and urine sample and send it to the lab to check if you’ve been infected with AIDS or Hepatitis B. We can’t check the customers so I strongly advise you to have sex with customers only if they put on a condom.” Alisha said and smiled. “Any questions?”

“No doctor,” Sameera said smiling.

“Good. I’ll need more information about you to create a patient record. If you are uncomfortable with any question, please let me know, ok?” Alisha asked.

“Ok, doctor,” Sameera said.

Alisha turned to her left, facing the computer on her desk. “Ok…What is your full name?”

“Sameera Nazim doctor,” Sameera said.

“Is ‘doctor’ your surname?” Alisha asked and laughed.

Sameera laughed.

Alisha typed Sameera’s name and asked, “Have you come to this clinic before?”

“No doctor,” Sameera said.

“Do you have any physical problems?” Alisha asked still typing.

“No doctor,” Sameera said remembering the pain she felt after Rafique had anal sex with her without lubricating her properly. She ignored the thought and waited for the next question.

“What is your age?” Alisha asked with a curious expression on the face.

“35,” Sameera said.

“You look 30,” Alisha said and laughed.

“Do you have children?” Alisha asked even more curious.

“Yes doctor,” Sameera said wondering about Alisha’s age. She thought Alisha looked like she was in her late 20s or early 30s.

“How old are your children?” Alisha asked curiously.

“My first son is 20. My second son is 18,” Sameera said.

“How old were you when you gave birth to them?” Alisha asked.

“I gave birth to my first son when I was 17 and I gave birth to my second son when I was 19,” Sameera said hoping the doctor won’t judge her.

“Wow, What age did you get married?” Alisha was surprised.

“I was very young. You know in those days parents in my community just wanted to get rid of their daughters,” Sameera said.

“I understand Sameera,” Alisha said and gave her an understanding smile. Then, she said, “Ok, next question. Do you have regular periods?”

“Yes doctor,” Sameera said reminding herself to buy sanitary pads as she was expecting to get her periods in a few days.

Alisha typed and asked, “When did you have your first period?”

“I was 12 years old doctor,” Sameera said remembering the confusion and fear she had felt when she had her first period.

When did you have your last period? Alisha asked still looking at her computer.

“Three weeks ago,” Sameera said.

“Do you have sexual intercourse regularly?” Alisha turned to look at Sameera.

“Hmm…once a month,” Sameera lied. She didn’t want to tell the doctor that she had been having sex very frequently in the past two months.

“When did you first have sex?” Alisha asked as she typed.

“I was very young. You know my community,” Sameera said.

“Yes. You mentioned. It is unfortunate. Were you about 14 or 15?” Alisha asked.

“15,” Sameera said.

“What form of contraception do you use?” Alisha asked.

“I take combination pills,” Sameera said.

“I recommend you to try non-hormonal IUD. It is 99% effective and it can last up to 5-10 years,” Alisha said.

“I’ll think about it and get back to you, doctor,” Sameera said and thought about her dream to have at least one girl child, which had not come true.

“Do you have anal sex frequently?” Alisha looked at Sameera curiously.

Sameera smiled uncomfortably and said, “Not frequent doctor.”

Alisha turned to look at Sameera and said, “You may have anal sex frequently with your customers in the future. The agency gives free Enema kit, anal lubrication tubes and condoms to all the escorts. I’ll write a prescription for you. Please give it in our pharmacy. They’ll give you a Enema kit and other essential items.”

“Ok doctor,” Sameera said.

“I’ll also give you a note for pathology test. You have to give your blood and urine samples. If the result is good, you have to come back for a gynaecology test,” Alisha said.

“How long will it take to get the result doctor?” Sameera asked worried.

“Twenty days,” Alisha said and smiled seeing the worried expression on Sameera’s face. “You look worried. Is something wrong?”

“Doctor, I thought the medical test will be finished in one day,” Sameera said.

“Sorry Sameera. The Aids and Hepatitis B test will take 18 to 45 days, but we should be able to get a result in 20 days,” Alisha said making it clear for Sameera.

“Ok, doctor,” Sameera said.

Alisha turned to the computer and began typing. A few minutes later, a sheet of paper popped out of the printer. She took the paper and gave it to Sameera. “Please give it the pathologist.”

Sameera took the note from Alisha and said, “Thanks doctor.”

“Thanks Sameera. I’ll see you after we get the result,” Alisha said and smiled.

“See you doctor,” Sameera said and stood up. She left the doctor’s office and went to the pathology room. She introduced herself to the pathologist. The lady asked Sameera to sit down and had small talk as she prepared the syringes and the collection tubes. A few minutes later, she told Sameera to tighten her fist and loosen it. She spotted a vein in Sameera’s arm pit and injected a needle. She collected the blood sample and pulled out the needle. She rubbed cotton on Sameera’s armpit and put a band-aid. Then, she gave a urine collection container, and asked Sameera to go the bathroom and collect urine sample. Sameera left the pathology room and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later she came back with the container and gave it to the pathologist. The pathologist told her she was done. Sameera thanked her and left the clinic.

Three weeks later, Sameera got a call from the clinic. The receptionist told her the lab results had come. She told Sameera the doctor had asked her to make an appointment for gynaecology examination. Sameera made an appointment for the very next day and hung up.

The next day, after her sons left home, Sameera started getting ready. She had a shower and got dressed in a floral printed Salwar Kameez. She left home at 10:10 am and reached the clinic at 10:35 am. She spoke the receptionist and waited. The receptionist spoke to the doctor with the intercom and asked Sameera to go to the doctor’s room.

Sameera pushed the door open and heard the soothing voice of the doctor saying, “Hello Sameera!”

Sameera turned towards the direction of the voice and saw the doctor coming towards her.

“Hello Alisha,” Sameera said and smiled.

“Come let’s go to the examination room,” the doctor said and opened the door. She held the door open for Sameera.

Sameera stepped out of the room she had just entered.

Alisha closed the door and said, “Your results are good. You don’t have any contagious disease.”

“Oh, that’s good doctor. I was a bit worried,” Sameera said admiring Alisha’s hourglass figure as she followed Alisha into the examination room. The transparent pink Saree Alisha was wearing revealed her waist and her belly. She was wearing heals but she was also at least two inches taller than Sameera. Her movements were graceful like her own movements. Sameera felt a friendly bonding with Alisha.

The doctor closed the door. “Please get undressed. You can hang your cloths on those hooks,” she said pointing at the hooks on the wall.

Sameera removed her Salwar Kameez and her sandal. She looked at the doctor who was watching her.

Alisha smiled. “You have a beautiful body.”

“Thank you doctor,” Sameera said and removed her blouse.

“Your breasts are big and beautiful,” Alisha said admiring Sameera’s breasts.

“Thanks doctor,” Sameera said feeling a bit uncomfortable. She bent down and striped off her panties from her legs.

Alisha waited for Sameera to strip off her panties and bra. Then, she stepped closer to Sameera and asked her to stand straight. She took the stethoscope from her neck and put the ear tips in her ears. She kept the diaphragm on Sameera’s chest and listened to her heart beat. She kept the diaphragm at different places of her chest and listened to the heartbeat. Then she moved behind Sameera and said, “Take a deep breath please.” As Sameera took a deep breath, Alisha said, “Hold your breath,” and listened her heartbeat. Then she said, “Cough please.”

Sameera coughed twice.

“Good,” Alisha said removing the ear tips of the stethoscope and putting it around her neck. She touched the right cheek of Sameera’s buttocks and squeezed it gently. “It’s so soft and beautiful.”

Sameera was shocked. She stood still and smiled shyly as Alisha squeezed both her ass cheeks.

“Sorry I couldn’t control myself,” Alisha said and laughed, moving away from Sameera.

Sameera wanted to say, “That’s ok doctor,” but she didn’t want to sound like a lesbian.

Please sit on the chair. Let me have a look at your throat,” Alisha said and went to the cabinet.

Sameera sat on the chair.

Alisha came back and said, “Open your mouth please.”

Sameera opened her mouth. Alisha placed a tongue depressor on Sameera’s tongue. She turned on the torch and shined light in Sameera’s mouth. She smelled mint smell in Sameera’s mouth. She removed the tongue depressor from Sameera’s mouth and asked, “Hmmm…do you like mint flavoured toothpaste?”

Sameera laughed. “Yes doctor. Mint flavour smells fresher.”

“It looks like you have good oral hygiene. Let’s check your breasts for cancer,” Alisha said, keeping the torch and tongue depressor on the table. “Please lift your left hand and place it behind your head.”

Sameera did as she was told. Alisha touched Sameera’s left breast and gently pressed at different spots. Are you lactating?

“Yes Doctor. I went through the re-lactation process to feed my younger brother’s daughter. Her mother passed away after delivery,” Sameera said.

“Oh…sorry about that,” Alisha said.

“That’s ok Doctor. I take good care of my brother and his daughter,” Sameera said, remembering the wonderful sex she had with her brother a few days ago.

“That’s good. Please lift your right hand,” Alisha said.

Sameera lifted her right hand. Alisha pressed her fingers on Sameera’s right breasts and checked for lumps. After a thorough check, she said, “No lumps.” She smiled at Sameera.

Sameera looked at Alisha’s smiling face. She looked as if she wanted ask something. Sameera smiled and lifted her eyebrow. To her surprise, Alisha bent down to her breasts. Samira felt Alisha’s lips clasp on the nipple of her right breast. Her heart started beating fast as Alisha sucked her breasts. Sameera was confused but she was excited. She looked down fondly at the beautiful woman sucking her breasts.

Alisha let Sameera’s nipple pop out of her mouth and stood straight. She smiled at Sameera and said, “Sorry. Just wanted to taste your milk…it is very sweet like you.”

Sameera laughed. “It’s okay doctor. I understand,” Sameera said convinced that Alisha was a lesbian.

After that everything seemed to go on like a regular check-up. Alisha checked Sameera’s knees, feet and her blood pressure.

“Let’s move over to the Gyno chair now,” Alisha said.

Sameera went to the Gyno chair and sat down. She lifted her legs, spread them apart and placed her calves on the leg rest.

Alisha sat down on the doctor’s chair that was placed between Sameera’s legs. She took a good look at Sameera’s inner thighs and cleanly shaved vagina. Then, she said, “Beautiful!”

Alisha leaned forward. She inserted the speculum inside Sameera’s vagina and opened it up. She took a Pap smear with a cervical brush. Then she removed the speculum out of Sameera’s vagina.

“I am going to prepare a flush,” Alisha said and walked away. She came back a few minutes later with a Douche. She inserted the tube of the Douche inside Sameera’s vagina and injected the water inside. Then she pulled it out and let Sameera expel the water from her vagina.

“Let’s check your clitoral sensitivity,” Alisha said. She put lubricant on her finger and rubbed on the little bud gently. As Sameera moaned with pleasure, she looked at Sameera and asked, “Do you like it?”

Sameera nodded.

“That’s good, your clitoral sensitivity is good. I’ll give an enema for you next. Please get down and get on top of the examination table.

Sameera did as she was asked.

Alisha went to a table at the corner of the room. She came a few minutes later and said, “Turn to your side and show me your bottom.”

Sameera turned on her left side and let Alisha look at her buttocks. Alisha touched Sameera’s right butt cheek which was on top and lifted it. Sameera’s butt crack opened. Alisha saw Sameera’s anus and inserted the tube inside Sameera’s rectum and pressed the large syringe, injecting liquid inside Sameera’s rectum. She emptied the syringe and said, “Please go to the toilet now.”

Sameera got down from the examination table and quickly went to the toilet. She expelled the liquid from her bowel with relief. After five minutes, she washed and left the toilet.

When Sameera saw Alisha again, Alisha said, “I am sorry, it is taking a long time. I have to do a complete check-up for all the escorts.”

“That’s okay doctor. I understand,” Sameera said.

“Please get on top of the examination table and lay down. Let’s dilate your vagina and rectum.” Alisha said.

Sameera went to the examination table and climbed on top of the table. She lay down and waited.

Alisha finished lubricating the 10mm Uterine dilator and went to the exam table. “Please sit up, lean on your elbow and spread your legs wide open,” she said.

Sameera did as she told.

Alisha pressed the round end of the dilator gently in the slit of Sameera’s vagina. The smooth, shiny, metal dilator glided into Sameera’s vagina. When the dilator finally touched her cervix Sameera looked and Alisha and nodded. Alisha smiled and pulled the dilator outward. Then she pushed it back inside. Both the women smiled understandingly and dilator glided deep into Sameera’s vagina.

“Do you like it?” Alisha asked.

Sameera nodded and closed her eyes.

Alisha pushed the dilator in and out, stretching Sameera’s vagina few more times. Then, she gently rotated the dilator in wide circles to stretch the width of her vagina. She repeated the rotation at the back, middle and opening of her vagina. Then she removed the dilator and said, “Please lay down on your side.”

Sameera turned and laid down on her side. Alisha grabbed Sameera’s left butt cheeks, which was on top. Alisha saw Sameera’s anus and pressed the round end of the dilator on Sameera’s anus. She pushed and the well lubricated metal rod glided inside Sameera rectum. Alisha gently pushed it deeper till Sameera felt it touch the end and twitched. Alisha understood and pulled it outward.

“Do you like anal sex?” Alisha asked.

Sameera opened her eyes surprised by the question. Seeing Alisha’s calm expression, Sameera said, “Sometimes.”

“Me too. I love it,” Alisha said. “I like the way it fills me up.” Alisha said smiling and pushing the dilator back inside Sameera butt hole.

Sameera moaned with pleasure and closed her eyes and enjoyed the anal massage.

A minute later Alisha pulled the dilator out of Sameera’s rectum and said, “Please come forward. Place your bottom at the edge of table. Lift your legs and keep it on the foot rests. Let’s examine your vagina one last time.”

Sameera sat up on the examination table. She kept her hands on the sides of the table and lifted herself and moved forward till her bottom was at the edge of the examination table. Then she placed her legs on the foot rests, lay back on the table hoping Alisha won’t say anything about her wet vagina.

Alisha pulled a chair to the edge of the examination table, between Sameera’s legs and sat down. She touched the clean shaved, soft labia with her thumb finger and said, “Hmm…it’s wet and delicious.”

“What….? Delicious?” Sameera thought and looked at Alisha’s face between her thighs, as Alisha bent down.

Sameera felt Alisha’s tongue dart inside her vagina and gasped with disbelief and pleasure. As Alisha twisted her nose and mouth in the wet, sensitive flesh of her pussy, Sameera moaned with happiness. Alisha lifted her head and said, “You taste so good. I am going to suck you until you’re dry.”

Sameera couldn’t believe what was happening. She just lay still and decided to enjoy the moment.

Alisha kissed and licked Sameera’s clitoris, and her fingers probed the inside of Sameera’s vagina, causing Sameera to moan with pleasure. Alisha sucked hard one last time and pulled back. She stood up and looked at Sameera. Sameera smiled.

Alisha smiled at Sameera and said, “Actually, we have to do one last test.” Then, she lifted her Saree and petticoat. She pulled down her panty and revealed a hard cock.

“Doctor! You are a…!!!” Sameera wanted to say, “man!” But she remembered trans-women didn’t like to be called “man.”

“I am a trans-woman”, Alisha said stroking her cock.

“I can’t believe it! You look so much like a woman!” Sameera said with unable to believe what she was seeing.

“Thanks Sameera. I had breast augmentation but I kept my penis for occasions like this,” Alisha said.

Sameera looked down at Alisha’s cock and said, “Oh…it’s so big…and beautiful.”

“I am sure you can take it,” Alisha said and placed the blunt head of her cock on the lips of Sameera’s wet pussy, and gently pushed. Her cock-head slid inside Sameera’s vagina. Sameera gasped and moaned in joyous pain as the hard and thick rod went inside her. It was halfway into Samira’s vagina, when Alisha stopped pushing and looked at Sameera, “Do you like it?” She asked.

Sameera smiled and nodded. She panted in lusty anticipation of what was to come, every inch of her nerve-filled inner vaginal walls wanted to feel all of Alisha’s cock rubbing hotly against it.

“Can I cum inside you?” Alisha asked smiling.

Sameera nodded as she had taken her birth control tablets. She closed her eyes, wishing Alisha would fill her up quickly. And, Alisha did just that as she pushed her cock steadily into Sameera’s tight, elastic pussy, filling her to the brim and pressing into the sensitive tip of her cervix. Sameera moaned as her pussy stretched and accommodated all of Alisha’s large cock.

Alisha began to gasp as she felt the wet, smooth, inner muscles of Sameera’s cunt grasp at her throbbing hot cock. “Ooohhh, Sameera … you feel so good…tight and warm,” Alisha said.

Sameera opened her eyes and asked, “Do you like it?”

Alisha laughed and said, “I love it!” She moved her hip back, pulling her cock outward until only the head of her cock was inside Sameera’s cunt. Then she pushed her cock deep inside Sameera’s cunt again. As she felt Sameera’s vagina spasming around her cock, Alisha pulled her cock outward and plunged into Sameera again. Alisha repeated the movement again and again, pistoning her cock inside Sameera’s vagina. Sameera moaned, rolling her head from side to side and enjoying the rapid movement of Alisha’s cock inside her vagina. Alisha felt semen churning in her aching balls and pumped quicker and harder, and Sameera loved it. Sameera felt the first wave of orgasm sweeping through her loins. The marvellous sensation spread through her body like wildfire. Alisha was hammering her bursting cock into Sameera’s cunt with powerful thrusts. Sameera felt like her clitoris was on fire, and flames were spreading throughout her entire body. As Sameera climaxed, she laughed joyfully and she felt a gush of Alisha’s hot cum splash into her hot pussy.

“Oh Sameera!” Alisha moaned, squeezing Sameera’s inner thighs and filling her cunt with hot semen.

After Alisha emptied herself inside Sameera’s cunt, she told Sameera she was happy with the medical test and thanked her letting her have sex with her.

Sameera thanked Alisha for doing the medical test and told Alisha, it was a pleasure to have sex with her.

Sameera got dressed. She thanked the good doctor one more time before leaving the medical centre.