Chapter 5 – Unexpected pleasures

Nirmala woke up at 3:30 pm. She had gone to sleep after having lunch. She felt a little exhausted but she knew it was normal in the 10th week of pregnancy.

She checked both the babies in their cradles. They were sleeping peacefully.

She went to the ensuite bathroom. She lifted her Saree and Petticoat. She pulled her panties down and sat on the toilet seat. She closed her eyes and peed. As warm urine flushed out her pee hole, she relaxed.

After she finished peeing, she stood up and pulled her panties up. She let her Saree and Petticoat fall down. She flushed and adjusted the Saree. She washed her face and mouth. Feeling refreshed, she stepped out of the bathroom, drying her face and hands with a towel. She went to the dressing table. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. The Saree she was wearing had become untidy because she had gone to sleep wearing it. She opened her wardrobe and selected a clean Petticoat and Saree which she had not worn for a long time. She picked a matching blouse, clean panties and bra. She undressed and started getting dressed with clean clothes. She wore a nursing bra and a pantie. She slipped into a petticoat. Then she draped the Georgette floral saree around her body. She adjusted the pleats and Pallu of the Saree till it looked tidy. The Saree wrapped around her body beautifully without concealing her curves. She looked good and she felt good.

She checked the babies. They were still sleeping. She made sure the baby monitor cameras were positioned properly. Then she took her mobile phone and left the room.

She went to kitchen and made Tea. When Tea was ready, she filled a kettle with Tea. She kept the kettle, Biscuits and cups on a tray, and took it to the living room. She sat down on the sofa and turned the TV on. She drank Tea, ate Biscuits and watched TV.

Few minutes later, Meera came to the living room and sat on the sofa.

“Hello Maa. Tea?” She asked.

“Is it hot?” Meera asked.

“Yes Maa. I made it just now,” she said.

“Okay, I’ll have it,” she said and sat down on the single sofa, where she sat usually.

Nirmala poured Tea in a cup and gave it to Meera.

Meera took the cup from Nirmala and asked, “Are you wearing a new Saree?”

“No Ma. It is old. I didn’t wear it for a long time,” Nirmala said and sipped Tea from her cup.

They drank Tea, ate biscuits and talked about actors who were acting in the TV show they were watching.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. Nirmala stood up and went to the main door. She peeped through the peephole. She saw Naveen and opened the door. “You are back home early,” she said and gave way for Naveen to step inside the house.

“I have to go back soon. I am having dinner with a very important client,” Naveen said, as he entered their home.

“Oh no,” Nirmala said and closed the door.

“Come to the bedroom,” Naveen said. He looked at Meera and said, “Hello Maa!”

“Hello beta!” Meera said, happy to see her son.

“I have to go back, Maa. I have to meet a client. Just came to refresh and change my clothes,” Naveen said.

“Okay, beta. Take it easy,” Meera said.

Naveen quickly started climbing the stairs.

Nirmala followed him. She went to the bedroom and asked, “What happened?”

“Close the door. Let’s quickly make love,” Naveen said.

Nirmala laughed and said, “I thought something bad had happened.”

“I didn’t want to tell you, I want to have sex, before Maa,” Naveen said and shrugged.

Smiling, Nirmala said, “Okay,” and closed the door.

Naveen removed his cloths and said, “Can you suck me?”

“Hm, hm. Ok,” Nirmala said. She went to bed and sat down on the edge.

Naveen went closer to her and stood before her. He pointed his hard cock at her mouth.

Nirmala could smell the familiar scent of his cock. She placed her fingertips below his hairy balls and lifted them.

She moved his testicles up and down on her fingertips and smiled when he let out a soft groan.

She lifted his cock up. She moved her head closer to his cock. She parted her lips and placed the tip of her tongue on his scrotum. She flicked her tongue back and forth, lightly. Then, she rolled her tongue lazily over the pink, swollen, cockhead.

“Wow, that feels good,” Naveen said looking down at his beautiful wife’s pretty face.

Nirmala looked up and smiled at him. She was happy that he liked it. She wanted to make him feel good. She opened her mouth and let his thick, hard cock penetrate her mouth. She took it all the way down to her throat carefully and sucked the long, thick, hard shaft of his cock.

She squeezed his balls gently as she sucked and licked his cock.

Her anus started to tingle when she realized that Naveen would most likely penetrate her anus, as usual. She felt excited at the thought of having his cock again in her anus. She liked the way her anus stretched open by his cock and filled her up.

She sucked for a couple of minutes. Then, she moved back, allowing his cock to glide out of her mouth. She looked up at her husband and asked, “Are you ready?”

Naveen nodded.

Nirmala stood up and said, “Don’t forget to use oil.”

“Okay,” Naveen said and went to the bedside table. He took an oil bottle from the drawer.

Seeing Naveen taking the bottle, she said, “Naveen Use the eye droppers. I kept a box of disposable eye droppers in the same drawer.”

“Good idea,” Naveen said.

Nirmala removed her blouse and bra. She lifted her Saree and petticoat, and pulled her panties down. She held her Saree and petticoat up, and got on top of the bed.

Naveen oiled his cock well and filled oil in a disposable eye dropper/pipette.

Nirmala knelt down on the bed and lifted her Saree above her hip, exposing her big, beautiful bottom. She leaned forward and spread her knees far apart. She kept her head low, her elbows bent, and her back arched. She raised her ass up in the air until her anus was at the right height for anal penetration. She felt cool air on her asshole and she whimpered.

Naveen got on top of the bed. He knelt down behind Nirmala and inserted the eye dropper’s tube inside her anus. He squeezed the plastic bulb of the dropper, filling her anus with lubricating oil.

A few minutes later, Nirmala’s asshole was lubricated and ready for penetration.

Naveen stood up on the bed. He placed his left leg next to Nirmala’s left side, and his right leg next to her right side. He bent his legs and lowered them down. He grabbed both her ass cheeks in his hands, parted them and moved the head of his cock closer to her asshole. He pressed the tip of his cock on her tight asshole.

Nirmala liked it when the glans of his cock touched her rectum flesh.

Naveen held his cock in place with his right hand. He could feel his piss hole pressing against the centre of her asshole. He pushed forward using a steady pressure. The head of his cock opened up her asshole and the swollen head of his cock slid inside her asshole.

Nirmala moaned as her anus stretched open and gripped around his thick glans.

Naveen pressed forward, gliding his cock into the soft, smooth, elastic flesh of her bowels. He pressed harder on her soft ass cheeks, pushing his cock deeper inside his beautiful wife’s asshole and stretching her bowels painfully. It hurt and she felt like she had to poop. But despite the pain and discomfort, she liked the warm and stuffed sensation. She relaxed knowing she would feel relief when he would pull his cock out of her anus. Her anal muscles gripped around the thick cock comfortably, feeling it tingle inside her.

Naveen’s cock was firmly stuffed inside Nirmala’s asshole. He moved his hands under her body and grabbed both her breasts. He squeezed her breasts and held on to them as he began to withdraw his cock. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her ass, then he rammed it back inside, and Nirmala could feel a jolt of sexual current rippling up and down her spine. She liked it. She knew soon she would be filled with anal pleasure if Naveen continued to penetrate her.

Naveen’s fingers squeezed Nirmala’s large breasts and pinched her nipples as he began to fuck her asshole. He pinched her erect nipples hard enough for them to ooze out fresh milk.

Naveen could feel her ass muscles relax as he moved his cock in and out of her asshole with ease. Squeezing her breasts hard, he fucked hard and Nirmala moaned with pleasure as her anal orgasm began.

Nirmala could feel her bowels spasm and her asshole felt like it was boiling.

Naveen fucked her harder and harder as her asshole began to grip on to his prick. He could feel the tickle forming at the base of his cock and knew he was going to come.

He plunged his cock all the way inside her asshole, balls deep. The tip was deep inside her, pressing on her cervix.

Nirmala felt her husband’s cock getting longer and thicker as his piss hole opened and shot semen. She tightened her asshole and sucked his cream, right out of his balls.

Naveen arched his back as he shot his semen inside his wife’s asshole, rewarding her for being a good wife. When all of his semen was inside her, he pulled his prick out of her asshole. He told Nirmala he was getting late and rushed to the bathroom to have a shower.

Nirmala got out of bed. She slipped into her panties. She was about to take her bra when she heard her baby crying. She went to the cradle and took her baby. She sat down with baby on the edge of the bed and breast fed the child.

Five minutes later, Naveen came out of the bathroom. He got ready quickly and told Nirmala he would most likely come home late and left the room.

After the baby closed his eyes and fell asleep, Nirmala carried him to the cradle and kept him inside.

Nirmala felt little dirty and her asshole felt little sore. She wanted to have a shower. She went to her wardrobe to take a clean bath towel, when she heard the doorbell ring.

Nirmala had not replaced the maid and she didn’t want to trouble her mother-in-law, so she quickly rushed out of the room and hurried down the stairs. She went to the door and peeped through the peep hole. She quickly opened the door and said, “Hello Karan!”

“Hello Bhabhi!” Karan said and grinned.

“Hello Karan! Come in! Come in!” Nirmala said.

Karan entered the house. He saw Meera and greeted her. Meera asked him to sit down. He sat down on the sofa. Nirmala offered him Tea and Biscuits. He chatted with the ladies for a few minutes. Then he said he wanted to see his baby daughter. So, after a few minutes, Nirmala and Karan went upstairs to the bedroom.

Karan’s baby was sleeping.

“Do you want me to wake her up?” Nirmala asked.

“No Bhabhi. Let her sleep,” Karan said, not wanting to wake up his sleeping baby.

“You should visit more often and spend time with her,” Nirmala said.

“Sorry Bhabhi. I will. I was too busy with my new business,” Karan said.

“Are you looking for a suitable woman to get married?” Nirmala asked.

“Yes Bhabhi. I am,” Karan said.

“I hope you find a good woman soon,” Nirmala said feeling bad for him.

“I’ll try my best Bhabhi,” Karan said. “Thank you and Naveen bro for taking care of my daughter and for letting me have sex with you.”

“That’s okay Karan. I am sure you will help us when we need your help,” Nirmala said and smiled at him.

Karan hesitated for a moment and asked, “Hmm…Bhabhi…hmmm, can I have sex with you now?”

Nirmala laughed and said, “You sound too shy. Naveen and I are very sure about helping you till you find the right woman and get married again. So next time, don’t be shy, okay?”

“Okay Bhabhi,” Karan said and smiled.

“Okay. So, what do you want to do?” Nirmala asked and smiled at him.

Karan hesitated before saying, “Doggy style…”

Nirmala laughed. “Naveen had sex with me just before half-an-hour. He had anal sex as usual. I wanted to have a shower but you showed up. I feel a little dirty. Can I have a quick shower before we have sex?” She asked.

Bhabhi, I don’t have time. I have to meet a friend,” Karan said.

“Okay,” Nirmala said and laughed.

Nirmala lifted her Saree. She pulled her panties down and kept it on the bed. She lifted her Saree above her knee. She got on top of the bed and knelt down. She lifted her Saree above her hip and leaned forward. She was on all fours.

Karan removed his trousers and underwear. He quickly got on top of the bed and knelt down behind Nirmala. He was mesmerized by her perfectly shaped, extra-large ass and well-shaped legs. He placed his palms on her ass cheeks and caressed the soft flesh. Then, he parted her ass cheeks and saw her puckered anus open up. He bent down and sniffed it. The smell of semen filled his nostrils. He lowered his head and saw her cleanly shaved vagina. It was beautiful. He moved forward and kissed it.

Nirmala jerked forward feeling his lips on her pussy lips. “What are you doing Karan?” She asked and laughed. She had not expected him to kiss her vagina.

“Sorry Bhabhi, I couldn’t control myself,” Karan apologized.

Nirmala laughed. “It’s okay Karan. You can kiss me anywhere you want. It was unexpected,” she said.

Karan kissed her vagina one more time and moved back. He didn’t want to waste any more time. He gripped his thick, throbbing cock with one hand, he guided the head towards the wet opening of her pussy lips. He felt his cock opening the slit of her pussy and pushed his hips forward, thrusting his cock inside her pussy-hole.

“Hmmmm,” Nirmala moaned. It felt good to have a cock in her vagina after getting fucked only in her asshole for a month.

Karan buried his cock inside Nirmala’s vagina and savoured the moment. Her vagina was warm, wet and gripping. His hands roved over the mounds of her big ass cheeks. He wished she had been his wife. Slowly he moved his hip backward, pulling his cock outward. Then, he shoved it back inside her.

“Oh! Hmmm,” Nirmala moaned.

Karan grabbed her slender waist for a better grip and slowly moved his cock in and out of Nirmala’s hungry pussy. Gradually, his thrusts became more confident and powerful. He drove his long hard cock in and out her in pussy, eager to cum inside her. He bent forward on her back and grabbed her large breasts through her blouse and bra. He squeezed her breasts and continued to fuck her cunt, wildly. Soon, his grinding motions became jerky and quick, as his elongated penis made vicious thrusts into her wetly sucking cunt. The head of his ramming cock seemed to swell up deep in her belly.

“Oooohhh Karan,” Nirmala moaned.

Karan liked Nirmala’s moans. He was happy that he could make her feel good. He fucked her harder and faster.

Nirmala’s clit tingled and the sensation spread throughout her body. Her entire body began to vibrate and hum. The sensation enveloped her very core and she felt pulses through her stomach, chest and thighs. Pleasure reached the highest point. “Oooohhh Naveen!” She moaned, forgetting for a moment that she was having sex with Karan.

Karan was disappointed to hear Nirmala saying her husband’s name. His cock jerked and shot sperm inside her cunt.

Nirmala began to feel a full release of built-up tension, stress and pain. Her body felt warm as it slowly began to relax.

Karan’s cock squirted out sperm, again and again, inside his friend’s wife’s cunt.

After emptying his balls, Karan said, “Thank you Bhabhi,” with his cock still inside her pussy.

“You are welcome,” Nirmala said and laughed.

Karan laughed with her, hoping she would let him cum inside her many more times in the future.

After they were done, they got out of bed. Karan put on his trousers. Nirmala adjusted her Saree’s pleats and Pallu.

Karan had one more look at his baby, who was still sleeping in the cradle. Then they left the bedroom and went downstairs to the living room. He told Meera and Nirmala that he had to go but he would visit soon to spend time with his baby daughter.

After Karan left, Nirmala closed the door. She felt a little dirty with semen in her vagina and anus. She wanted to have a shower. She was about to climb the stairs, to go to her bedroom, when she heard Meera saying, “Beti!”

Nirmala looked at Meera.

“Come here Beti,” Meera called her.

“Yes Maa,” Nirmala said and went to the Sofa.

“You look very beautiful in this Saree Beti. I couldn’t see properly when you were sitting,” Meera said.

“Thanks Maa,” Nirmala said and blushed.

“Let’s spend some time together Beti. I couldn’t make love to you for two weeks,” Meera said.

“Okay Maa. But I need to have a shower first. Naveen had sex with me,” Nirmala said feeling excited about the thought of getting sucked and fingered by Meera.

“It’s Okay Beti. You can have a bath later,” Meera said.

“But Maa. Naveen’s semen has to be washed off,” Nirmala said.

“It’s okay Beti,” Meera said, eager to make love to her daughter-in-law.

“Are you sure Maa?” Nirmala asked doubtfully.

“I am sure Beti,” Meera assured her.

Nirmala slowly lifted her saree and petticoat above her hip and revealed her vagina.

Meera sat on the edge of the sofa and said, “Come closer Beti.”

Nirmala moved closer to Meera, till her vagina was very close to Meera’s face.

Meera could clearly see the pink wet lips of Nirmala’s cunt that was swollen after getting pounded by Karan’s cock.

Meera put her hands around Nirmala’s well shaped, plump thighs and moved her head forward hungrily. She kissed the outer lips of Nirmala’s vagina. Her tongue licked the insides of Nirmala’s cunt, savouring Karan’s semen and Nirmala’s pussy juice.

Nirmala’s body jolted with pleasure. “Oh Maa!” she moaned.

Meera started to suck Nirmala’s cunt with the intention of consuming every drop of semen and pussy juice.

After cleaning the insides off Nirmala’s cunt, Meera’s lips fastened onto Nirmala’s erect clit. She licked and sucked on the supersensitive bud causing Nirmala to spasm and orgasm.

Meera pulled back and released Nirmala’s thighs from her arms. Then she put her hands on Nirmala’s wide hips and guided her to turn around.

Nirmala understood Meera and turned around, exposing her ass to Meera.

Meera massaged Nirmala’s soft ass cheeks. She licked and nipped at the firm, soft flesh of Nirmala’s large ass cheeks. Then, she parted the ass cheeks apart, opening up Nirmala’s asshole. She moved her head forward and dug her face between the large mounds of flesh. Her mouth covered Nirmala’s asshole and her tongue entered the anal hole that was moist with her son’s semen.

Nirmala pushed her ass on Meera’s face, helping Meera’s tongue to dig deeper into her asshole.

Meera’s tongue probed tirelessly into Nirmala’s asshole and licked the savoury semen her son had shot inside his wife’s asshole. She licked and sucked Nirmala’s asshole till she was satisfied. Then she pulled away and leaned back on the sofa, breathing heavily.

Nirmala turned around to face Meera and asked, “”Tired Maa?” ”

“Little bit. But that I liked it, Beti,” Meera said and smiled with satisfaction.

“I am happy, you liked it Maa,” Nirmala said and smiled.

“Did you like it, Beti?” Meera asked.

“Yes Maa, I liked it,” Nirmala said.

“That’s good Beti. I want you to like it,” Meera said.

“Okay Maa. I’ll go and have a shower,” Nirmala said.

“Okay Beti,” Meera said.

Nirmala went to her bedroom. The babies had woken up. She breastfed both the babies and put them to sleep. Then she went to the bathroom and had a long shower, feeling very satisfied with the unexpected pleasures she had experienced that day.