Chapter 5 – Happy blackout

Poornima was stuck in the traffic. She turned on the radio and the Air conditioner. She took a apple from the bag that was kept on the passenger seat and started eating it. She felt frustrated. She wanted to get home soon. Her head hurt a bit. She felt little dizzy and tired. Her pad was wet and sticky with vaginal discharge. She was experiencing all the symptoms of her 13 week of pregnancy at the same time.

After a frustrating drive, Poornima reached home at 6:00 pm. She went to the bedroom, removed her cloths and went to the bathroom for a shower. After a good refreshing shower, she wore clean under garments and draped a clean saree. She kept a bindhi and left the bedroom.

Poornima relaxed for a while, watching TV as she ate snacks and drank tea. Her food aversion had become less and she had developed a craving for food. At 7:15 pm, she went to the kitchen and started cooking food for Naveen and his friends.

Darshan came home at 8:15. His friends came home half an hour later. The men went to the balcony on the first floor, and started drinking.

Poornima watched TV in the living room. At about 9pm she had supper. After supper she called Darshan’s mobile and told him she is going to bed. But Darshan had other plans. He told her he wanted to have sex with her that night. Poornima asked him to wake her up if she had fallen asleep and hung up.

Poornima went to the bedroom. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her breasts had become bigger and softer. Her small baby bump could be seen through the saree and from the side. The saree had wrapped around her body well, clinging to her curves. Happy with the way she looked, she went to the bed and laid down. She put on the TV and watched movie songs for a few minutes before falling asleep.

Poornima was woken up by movement on the bed. She turned and saw Darshan sleeping next to her. She looked at the wall clock. It was midnight. She had slept for two hours. Just as she had expected Darshan had drunk and fallen asleep without waking her up to have sex.

Poornima put off the TV and got down from the bed. She went to the mirror and checked her reflection in the mirror. She adjusted her saree’s pleats and pallu. Then she decide to look around the house.

Poornima switched off the bedroom lights and closed the bedroom door before stepping out of the bedroom. The lights seemed to be on in the entire house. She went to the balcony. The men had left bottles, tumblers and food on the table. She took the plates with leftover food and went to the ground floor to throw it in the bin in the kitchen. As she entered the kitchen, she saw the door to one of the guest bedrooms was half open. She threw the left over food in the bin. She switched off the light in the kitchen. She walked around the house switching off the lights in living room, study room, dining room and hallway before finally going to the guest bedroom to close the door when she saw the bed lamp was on. She stood near the door and peeped in. She saw Mahesh’s back. He was standing on the left side of the room, next to the bed with his back facing her. He didn’t have a shirt on. He was swaying like he was struggling to keep his balance. He was looking down at something. She watched him feeling surprised that he had stayed back because he had never stayed back in the past. Wondering if other men had also stayed back, she looked around the room. She couldn’t see anybody else. She looked at Mahesh again. His back was still facing her. He moved closer to the bed and kept something on the edge of the bed. It was a photo frame that had a picture of her. He loosened his belt, stripped off his trousers and his underwear. He started to stroke his cock. Poornima realized he was masturbating. She felt sorry that he had to look at her picture and masturbate. She wasn’t sure if she should walk away or talk to him. She felt sad for him and decided to talk to him.

Poornima stepped inside the room quietly and closed the door. She took a few steps forward and heard him saying, “Poornima…Poornima…Poornima,” as he stroked his cock.

“Mahesh, what are you doing?” Poornima said pretending to be shocked.

Mahesh turned around startled. He looked at Poornima in shock. “Sorry…sorry,” he slurred struggling to maintain balance as he took a few steps closer to Poornima.

Poornima looked at his naked body from top to bottom. His cock looked hard as a rock. She managed to ask, “What are you doing with my picture?”

“Yes..yes…you look very beautiful. I just saw….I kept it back….You are very beautiful…” he mumbled moving little bit more closer to Poornima.

Poornima instinctively took a step back but she quickly realized what he wanted.

“I…kept…it…back…” Mahesh slurred and took a few steps closer.

This time Poornima didn’t budge. He was so close, she could smell the alcohol on his breath. She looked into his blood shot eyes and saw lust for her.

He looked at her face in admiration. “So…beautiful….” he mumbled and quickly put his arms around her, hugging tightly.

“Mahesh! What are you doing?!” Poornima was a taken aback by his sudden move.

Mahesh kissed her cheeks and neck. He tried to kiss her lips but the smell of alcohol made Poornima turn away. He pressed his cock hard on her lower belly. His hand moved between them and cupped her left breast. He squeezed her big, soft breast through her blouse and bra.

Poornima was in two minds. His hands moved down and behind her. His fingers dug into her soft butt cheeks through her saree, skirt and panty. He lifted her butt, pulling her closer to him. Poornima squirmed in his arms. He lifted her saree. Poornima didn’t stop him. He pulled her panty down.

Mahesh’s fingers dug between her butt cheeks and rubbed on her butt crack. He inserted a finger in her anus causing her to whimper and tighten the muscles of her bottom. His urgency to penetrate her increased. Impatiently he pulled her to the bed.

“Mahesh no!” Poornima said but she didn’t resist. She sat down on the bed.

Mahesh grabbed the shaft of his cock and moved closer, pointing his cock at her mouth.

Poornima saw the pink glans of his cock. She liked it’s succulent appearance. ‘Why not?’ she asked herself and opened her mouth, allowing his hard, warm cock to penetrate her mouth. She almost chocked as it was shoved down her throat. She quickly grabbed the shaft of his cock and took control. She moved her head front and back, allowing his cock to glide in and out of her mouth. After a few seconds, she saw Mahesh was struggling to keep his balance and stopped sucking his cock.

Poornima moved back on the bed. She stripped off her panty and lay down in the middle of the bed. She bent her knees and spread her legs apart exposing her seductive inner thighs and her cleanly shaved vagina. Mahesh quickly climbed on the bed.  He positioned himself between her legs and lay on top of her. Her plumpy thighs and breasts felt like cushion. He placed his hands on both her sides and lifted himself up. He felt the soft labia on the crown of his cock. He adjusted little bit and felt the slit of her vagina. He pushed inside. Her vagina opened up and welcomed the hard shaft of his cock. He pushed fully inside her moist pussy and pulled his cock outward, leaving only the crown of his cock inside her. Then he pushed inside her quickly, in one stroke causing Poornima to moan with pleasure. He let his cock rest inside her for a few seconds allowing the comfortable pleasure to sink in before he pulled his cock outward. Then he thrust deep inside her vaginal canal again. He repeated the moment few more times and found his rhythm. He repeated the movement again and again, fucking her harder as pleasure built up. He pounded her, ramming his crotch on her plump thighs.

Poornima closed her eyes and moaned enjoying the pleasure. Her palm moved all over his back. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooaaaaaahhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhh, sssssssuuuuurrrrrrrrreeeeeessssssshhhhhhh bhaaaaaahi. oooooooohhhhhh. A tingling sensation started in her clit and spread to her inner thighs. She felt as if a cool stream of water flowed in her abdomen. Waves of pleasure soared through out her body. Her face turned red with intense pleasure. She felt goosebumps. She spasmed and her skin tightened. Her nipples felt harder and more sensitive, her face and chest flushed. She shook and let out a deep groan. Then, she laughed with joy. Her vagina was still being pounded but it didn’t matter. She had already orgasmed.

Mahesh continued pounding her very wet vagina. His movements became irregular. His cock felt heavy as he plunged his cock fully inside her for the last time and ejaculated, laughing like a drunkard. He lowered his elbow and lay down on her with his head on the side of her neck.

As Mahesh’s cock became limp it popped out of her vagina. She heard him snore. He had blacked out on her. Poornima lay still for a while controlling her urge to laugh out loud. She carefully managed to lift him and push him to the side. She got down from the bed.

Poornima wore her blouse, bra and panty before quietly leaving the room. She went to the maser bedroom. Darshan was fast asleep. She went to the bathroom and washed. Then she returned to the bed and laid down next to Darshan. She closed her eyes and smiled feeling sexually satisfied. She fell asleep.