Chapter 4 – Ex-boyfriend

Everybody had finished eating lunch at 1pm. The children had gone to their room and Harish had gone to his bedroom. Nisha had washed the dishes and come to her room. She was happy the children and Harish had liked the food she had cooked for them.

Nisha looked out the window and wondered if she had made the right decision to meet her ex-boyfriend. Unable to decide, she shrugged her shoulders and moved away from the window.

She removed all her clothes and felt relief when her naked body was exposed to fresh air. Her hands closed under her firm, big breasts. She lifted them up and dropped them, causing them to jiggle free without the restrains of her bra. She went to the attached bathroom and closed the door.

Forty minutes later she opened the bathroom door and stepped into the bedroom. She felt better after answering natures call and having a shower. She went to the dressing table, dried and combed her wavy, black hair. Then she took undergarments and a Saree from her wardrobe. She stood before the mirror and started wearing the clothes.

The light pink, floral Saree blended well with her light brown skin and it wrapped closely to her body, showing the feminine contours of her wide hips and plump buttocks. Her belly and navel looked seductive through the saree. The matching pink blouse fit her perfectly on her shoulders, arms and breasts.

Nisha applied little makeup on her face and kept a Bindi on her forehead. She looked pretty.

Feeling happy with the way she looked, Nisha slipped her feet into a pair of mid-heal sandals and stood before the mirror again. She began adjusting the Saree and her hair when her mobile rang. She took her mobile from the dressing table and answered the call. “Hello,” she said.

“Hello my love!” her ex-boyfriend said.

“I am not your love, Sharath,” she said, angrily.

“You’ll always be my love,” Sharath said, teasing her.

“Does your wife know about that?” Nisha asked.

Sharath laughed.

“Do you want me to tell your wife that I’ll always be your love?” Nisha asked.

“Please don’t tell her,” Sharath said, sounding worried.

“Okay. I won’t tell her if you stop calling me, ‘my love’, okay?” Nisha asked.

“Okay.” Sharath agreed and said, “I am waiting near your house. I am in the black car parked under a tree.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in five minutes,” Nisha said and hung up.

Nisha took her handbag and left her room. She went to her brother-in-law’s room. She knocked the door and asked, “Harish, are you there?”

She heard Harish saying, “Yes Nisha. Come in.”

Nisha pushed the door open and entered the room. She saw Harish sitting on a chair before the computer table.

“Wow, you look sexy!” Harish said looking at her from top to bottom.

“Thanks Harish. I am going now. I’ll be back home before 7 or 8,” Nisha said.

“Have fun. See you later,” Harish said.

“Children are in their room. Please keep an eye on them,” Nisha said.

“Okay,” Harish said and smiled.

Nisha left the room. She went to the children’s room. She told them she is going out to meet a friend and she will be back home soon. They said their goodbyes and she left their room.

At 3:40pm Nisha stepped out of the house. It was sunny. She opened the gate and stepped out. She looked at Sharath’s black car that was parked two houses away, on the side of the street. She closed the gate and started walking towards the car.

Sharath saw Nisha walking towards the car in the diver side mirror and rear-view mirror. “Wow!” he said, admiring her beauty.

Nisha went to the passenger’s side, front door of the car and opened it. She looked inside and said, “Hi.”

“Hello beautiful. You look very sexy!” Sharath said, admiring his ex-girlfriend and wishing he had married her.

Nisha got into the car and sat down. She looked at him and said, “Stop talking like that, please. I am not your wife.”

“But you are my girlfriend,” Sharath said, teasing her.

“Ex-girlfriend.” Nisha corrected him, with an angry tone.

Sharath laughed and said, “I am just joking. Take it easy.”

Nisha turned and looked ahead through the windscreen. Her eyes filled with tears because she still loved him.

Sharath started the car and began driving.

After a few minutes, Sharath asked, “So, how are you?”

“Good. How are you?” Nisha asked, holding back her tears.

“Not bad. But I missed you too much,” Sharath said.

“Really?” Nisha asked, unable to believe him.

“Yes, really,” Sharath said.

“Tell me about it,” Nisha said and smirked.

“I don’t know where to start. Hmm…After I went abroad, I missed you very much. That’s when I met her. She was studying in the same university. I only wanted her friendship because I was lonely without you. She wanted more. She was rich. She was also born and raised there.”

“So, you forgot me and married her to live happily ever after.” Nisha said, angry with him for abandoning her.

“I didn’t forget you. And, I am not living a happy life,” Sharath said and looked at her.

Nisha shook her head, finding it hard to believe him.

Sharath drove quietly. Nisha wanted to ask him if he liked his wife more than her, but realising that it didn’t matter anymore, she kept quiet.

Fifteen minutes later, they reached the hotel. After Sharath parked the car, they went to the hotel room. Sharath opened the door and they entered the room. The deluxe room was big and it looked good. But Nisha didn’t care about that. She looked around and asked, “Where is your wife?”

Sharath closed the door and said, “Sorry Nisha. I just wanted to meet you and have a chat with you, face to face.”

“What?” Nisha asked, confused.

Sharath walked into the room and said, “Please sit down. I’ll explain.”

“It’s okay. I’ll stand,” Nisha said and folded her hands.

Sharath stood before Nisha and said, “Nisha, I wanted to meet you. I gave you many reasons to meet me but you refused to meet me. When I told you I’ll introduce you to my wife, you agreed to meet me. My wife and I separated before one year. I am sorry, I had to lie.”

“Lying and cheating. That’s all you’ve done to me,” Nisha said and shook her head.

“Nisha, I love you. I want you back,” Sharath said.

Nisha looked into Sharath’s eyes for a moment and said, “I can’t trust you anymore.”

“I am very sorry I broke your heart. Please trust me. I’ll make it up to you,” Sharath said.

Nisha’s eyes became blur with tears. She felt angry and week, standing before the person who had promised to marry her, taken her virginity and married another woman. She didn’t trust men because of him. And to get rid of the pain that he had caused, she had tried to find another boyfriend who could replace him. She had only ended up having sex with men like him who had taken advantage of her. She wanted to tell him, he was too late and she was not the same person anymore, but she just wiped the tears from her cheeks and said, “It will never be the same anymore.”

“I agree,” Sharath said. “But it can be better. After the divorce is finalised, we can get married. You can come to US. We can travel around the world together. We can have so much fun and share so much love. I miss making love to you so much!”

“Do you know what you’re talking about, Sharath?” Nisha asked.

“Yes, I know,” Sharath said. “I believe you miss me as much I miss you. We had lots of fun. We used to make love every day. Just standing here before you, I am turned on. We should start by making love. Let’s make love, Nisha.”

Nisha shook her head.

Sharath, took a step closer to take her in his arms. Nisha stepped back. Sharath reached out and caught Nisha’s arm. He pulled her closer and she pulled away saying, “No Sharath. I don’t want to go through the nightmare again.”

“You won’t feel that way after we make love,” Sharath said, pulling Nisha’s arm.

Nisha tried to free her arm but unable to pull back, Nisha let go and they stumbled on the left side of the mattress, on the bed.

Sharath fell on his back and Nisha fell on him. Both looked scared for a moment till they realized they had landed safely. Nisha tried to get up. But, Sharath was all over her. His hands were grabbing, and holding, and squeezing the soft, fleshy parts of her body.

Nisha felt her clit tingle and said, “No!”

She tried to get up but he hugged her tight and rolled over. Suddenly, she was on her back and he was on top of her, taking her breath away. She felt his lips kissing all over her face. His legs pinned her legs on the mattress and his belly pressed on her belly. His chest mushroomed her breasts. His hands were like handcuffs around Nisha’s wrists. He was stretching Nisha’s arms upward over her head.

“Let me go, Sharath, please!” Nisha pleaded.

“No. I can’t let go of my love!” Sharath said, grinding his cock against Nisha’s crotch.

“Go to your wife. You don’t need me!” Nisha said with anger.

“You are my wife from today,” Sharath said and tried to kiss her lips.

Nisha turned away her head to the side. Sharath kissed her cheeks and asked, “Do you feel my cock? Do you remember sucking it? Do you remember riding it?”

Nisha looked at him and said, “I did it because, I loved you!”

“I know. You will do it again because you still love me,” Sharath said, confidently.

Nisha knew he was right. She felt weak after struggling with him. His body felt too heavy on her but she still managed to say, “Go to your wife. Leave me alone.”

“I am with my wife and she won’t be alone again, ” Sharath said.

“I am not your wife,” Nisha said and smirked.

“You’ll become my wife very soon,” Sharath said, confidently.

“Liar!” Nisha said and looked into his eyes wondering if he really meant it.

“I love you,” Sharath said and bent down to kiss her lips.

Nisha lay still. His lips pressed on her lips. He kissed her once, slowly, letting the kiss last for a few seconds. Then he slowly drew his lips away and looked into her eyes. She looked at him wondering why he had stopped kissing. He smiled and said, “Let’s make love.”

Nisha closed her eyes. Sharath lifted his body and slowly got down from the bed believing Nisha would not resist any more. And, he was right, Nisha was not in the mood to resist. She lay still hoping her first lover would make up for all the pain he had caused her. And Sharath wanted to do just that; make up to her for breaking her heart. He quickly removed his clothes looking at her and admiring her beauty. Her pretty face looked calm and she seemed to be waiting for him to make love to her.

Standing on the left side of the bed, fully naked, Sharath stroked his hard cock gently and looked down at his ex-girlfriend. She opened her eyes and looked at him. Slowly, she looked down at his body and his cock. She thought he looked perfect with a handsome face, well-built body and a big cock that had never failed to satisfy her. She hoped he really wanted her back.

Sharath smiled and kept his right knee on the bed. He lifted her Saree and petticoat. The pink lace embroidered panties that covered her crotch looked beautiful on her light brown skin. Her vagina was partially visible through the flower pattern, lace panties. Eager to see the vagina he loved and missed; he pulled her panties down. She lifted her bottom slightly and straightened her legs, helping him remove her panties.

Sharath removed her panties from her legs and kept it near his nose. He liked her familiar smell. He looked at her remembering the taste of her juice. She smiled at him, knowing what he needed. She bent her knees and kept her feet flat on the bed. She spread her legs apart, inviting him.

Sharath accepted her invitation. He knelt down on the mattress between her legs. He touched her inner thighs and squeezed the soft flesh, admiring her clean shaved pussy. He quickly rubbed his hands on her legs, from thighs to her knees. Then, he moved his hands from her knees to her inner thighs, and down on her soft ass cheeks. He squeezed the soft ass cheeks and spread them apart. He moved his hands around her thick thighs and bent down.

Nisha could feel his hot breath on her trembling pussy lips as he gasped in eagerness. And when his tongue licked the outer lips of her vagina, she shivered with delight and laughed softly.

Sharath licked her vagina furiously and Nisha lay still. At that moment, she didn’t care about the pain he had caused her when he had married another woman and abandoned her. She felt his tongue slither inside her vagina and became totally overpowered by the hot, licking pleasure her ex-boyfriend was giving her. As his tongue contacted her tingling clitoris, a jolt of electric pleasure spread wildly through her body.

Sharath loved the mildly sweet and sour taste of his beautiful ex-girlfriend’s pussy juice. His hands moved down under her curved soft buttocks, bringing her groin closer to his face, then he drove his tongue deep into her cunt and licked hungrily.

Sharath licked Nisha’s pussy clean and turned his attention to her little clitoris. He licked the tiny bud. And when the little bud moved elusively, he trapped it, nipping it over and over with his teeth. She gasped and arched her body each time he nibbled her clit, feeling jolts of passion streaking throughout her body.

Sharath could feel the pressure building up. He knew he had to fuck her soon. He let go of her swollen, little pleasure bud slip out from between his lips and took a mouth full of soft, wet, labia flesh deep into his mouth. He sucked the soft flesh and let it slip out of his mouth. Then, he placed his tongue in the slit of her pussy-lips and pushed it inside.

Nisha loved what Sharath was doing to her after a long time. She spread her legs wider to allow more of his tongue inside her.

Sharath tried to reach the very bottom of her hungry cunt, but he couldn’t. He knew only his cock would go in that far, and he didn’t want to waste more time. He pulled his tongue out of her cunt and raised his head. He looked at her.

She smiled and asked, “Happy?”

He shook his head and said, “Not yet, love. I want to be inside you.”

Nisha smiled at him shyly. She was glad he was ready to penetrate her. She too was ready for him. She wanted to feel his long, hard cock buried deep inside her cunt. She wanted to admire his handsome face when he made love to her. She had missed him even though she had been having sex with other men after he had abandoned her. She remembered the pain he had caused her and asked, “Does your wife make you happy?”

“You are my wife. I know you will make me very happy very soon,” Sharath said.

Nisha laughed, satisfied with his answer.

Sharath smiled and said, “Remove your blouse and bra, please. I miss your tits so much.”

Nisha laughed and sat up. She removed her blouse and bra revealing her breasts. They looked like firm half-melons. They jiggled as she shivered in excitement. Chocolate brown swollen nipples, surrounded by brown haloes, crested the lovely fleshy mounds.

Sharath gazed at her breasts which jutted out, as if they wanted to be sucked and said, “Wow!” Did they become bigger or am I imagining it?”

“You are not imagining,” Nisha said and lay down on her back, smiling.

“Beautiful,” he said.

Pleased with his reaction, Nisha smiled, opening her arms to him, and he came to her. He leaned over her and placed his elbows on the mattress, next to both sides of her head. He was just a few inches above her and she could feel his cock between her inner thighs. He looked into her eyes and she looked into his eyes, wondering if he had really wanted her back. And, as if he knew what she was thinking, he said, “I want you back. This time I won’t break your heart.”

Nisha smiled affectionately, believing him for a moment.

Sharath pressed the tip of his cock, between the outer lips of Nisha’s vagina and pushed. Nisha sighed as the first few inches of his swollen, thick cock fucked into her.

Sharath, twitched his pelvis, sliding his cock-shaft deep into the well-lubricated channel of her cunt. Big, hard and swollen, his cock filled her vagina to the brim.

His lips were on hers in a light kiss. Waves of goosebumps rippled over her, as his chest was on hers with warm gentle pressure.

Sharath’s hands were on her breasts, sizing up their full circumferences. His palms spiralled on the soft, smooth skin of her breasts. Then, he lifted her left breast and took her nipple in his mouth. He sucked and pulled at the rubbery tip of her breasts, with his cock firmly buried inside her vagina.

Nisha moaned and her vagina clutched around his thick cock. Her hands rubbed on his back feeling the smoothness of his skin and his strong muscles underneath.

Sharath sucked her nipple and bit lightly into the soft flesh of her areola. Fire flamed through her aching nipple, when his mouth retreated and attacked her other breast. With his cock throbbing inside her clutching pussy, he sucked and bit her nipple, and the soft flesh around her nipple. Harder and harder his lips sucked at the sexually burning bud of her breast as she moaned with pleasure.

Sharath released Nisha’s nipple from his mouth and pecked a kiss on her lips. He raised himself on his elbows, pulling his thick, long cock-rod out from her clinging pussy hole. Then he slammed forward, drilling full length into her love hole. She moaned and welcomed the hard rod of meat inside her.

Sharath pulled his cock out and plunged inside, once again. Nisha cried with delight. Hearing the sounds of pleasure escaping from his ex-girlfriend’s lips, Sharath began to fuck his rock-hard cock into her vagina with all his strength, stretching her tight pussy walls, loving the friction they provided for his cock.

Nisha was overwhelmed with pleasure as the thick, hard, long cock fucked in and out of her vagina. Higher and higher pleasure soared through her body. Her clit tingled and her thighs throbbed. Waves of sexual pleasure splashed throughout her body and her mind exploded. At the same time, she felt his hot cum filling her pussy and overflowing out, dripping into her ass crack.

Sharath shot his cum into Nisha’s hot cunt as she lay still, delighted with the release of the built-up tension and fulfillment.

Sharath emptied himself inside her vagina.

Nisha put her hands around him as his cock began to shrink. Their mouths met and they kissed thankfully.

After they had sex, they felt closer together like they used to feel. Sharath told her he was going abroad after three days and he will be back to marry her after the divorce was finalised. He asked her to spend the night with him. But Nisha told him her late sister’s family would be worried about her and promised to meet him every day, till the day he had to go abroad. Sharath was happy with her decision.

Nisha had a quick body bath and put on her clothes. Sharath dropped her before Harish’s house at 8:40pm. They kissed before Nisha got out of the car.

Nisha went the house and opened the main door with her key. Harish was sitting in the living room and drinking. The TV was loud. Harish took the remote and muted the sound. “Welcome back, ma’am!” he said.

Nisha laughed and asked, “Are the children awake?”

“They are sleeping. They went to bed at 8:15,” Sharath said.

“Oh…that’s good,” Nisha said and she was about to walk away, when Harish said, “Come here. Have a drink!”

Judging by the tone of his voice, Nisha knew he was drunk. She said, “Give a minute Harish. I’ll refresh and come back.”

“Okay!” Harish said.

Nisha went to the room realising Harish had not had sex with her for almost one week. It was Saturday and they had been having sex every Saturday and Sunday.

Nisha went to the attached bathroom in her bedroom and peed. Then she went to the bedroom. She checked her reflection in the mirror and adjusted her Saree and hair. She liked the pink Saree she was wearing, so she decided to change after having a drink with Harish.

Nisha went to the living room and sat down next to Harish. Harish poured whiskey and soda in a glass. “Ice?” he asked.

“Just three cubes, please,” Nisha said.

Harish added three ice cubes in the glass and gave the glass to Nisha.

Nisha took the glass. She clinked her glass with Harish’s glass and they said, “Cheers!”

While they drank and watched TV. Harish put his arm around Nisha’s waist and pulled her closer to him. He reminded her that they had not had sex for almost a week. Nisha told him she had realised it after she had come home and suggested that they should have sex before having dinner. Harish agreed and told her they should have sex after one more peg of whiskey. Nisha agreed with him. After Nisha had one more peg of whiskey, she felt little high.

Harish and Nisha went to the bedroom. Harish removed his clothes. Nisha removed her blouse, bra and panties.

Nisha lifted her Saree and Petticoat before lying down on the bed. Harish leaned on top of her, placing his elbows next to both sides of her. He struggled to point his cock in the slit of Nisha’s vagina because he was drunk. So, Nisha moved her left hand between them and caught his cock. She guided his cock to the opening of her vagina and said, “hmm…”

Harish was relieved his cockhead was finally in the slit of her vagina. Fearing his cock would slip from the position, Harish pushed his cock forward and in one quick stroke, Nisha’s vagina-hole was filled with Harish’s thick, long cock.

Nisha gasped and bit her lower lip. Then as pleasure fully hit her senses, she smiled. She realised that Harish’s cock was thick and long like Sharath’s cock. She felt lucky to have a handsome brother-in-law who needed her.

Drunk and horny, Harish began to fuck his rock-hard cock into Nisha’s cunt, desperate to cum inside her. His thrusts were so violent that their pelvic areas crashed together, and she groaned in pain. But his cock went deeper, slamming into the depths of her vagina, digging hard into her cervix.

Nisha was almost delirious with pleasure and pain but she didn’t want him to stop. The harder he fucked her; she felt more pleasure and pain but the pleasure subdued the pain.

Fucking Nisha, Harish mumbled, “Oh Nisha! you were made for fucking.”

Nisha laughed softly and took it as a compliment.

Harish pistoned his cock inside Nisha’s vagina and pleasure swept over her beautiful body. She closed her eyes and concentrated her full attention on the pleasure emanating from her pussy that was getting fucked by her brother-in-law’s cock.

High on alcohol, Harish fucked harder and faster. His sperm-swollen ball slapped noisily against Nisha’s ass-cheeks.

Suddenly, Nisha exploded with pleasure. Her pussy juice filled her cunt and his semen mixed with her cum. Their juices dripped out of her cunt and into her ass crack.

Drunk and tired, Harish fell on Nisha. Nisha gasped struggling with his weight on her. She lay still for a moment, breathing heavily. When Harish didn’t move, she said his name, “Harish!”

Harish didn’t move. So, she tried to wake him up again, “Harish!” She called him.

Harish still didn’t move. Nisha realised Harish had blacked out. She slowly pushed him to the side and gasped with relief. She lay on the bed feeling sexually satisfied but wondering if Sharath really wanted to marry her.

After a few minutes, she got down from the bed. She went to her room. She removed her clothes. She went to the attached bathroom and had a body bath. After bathing, she slipped into a night gown. She went to Harish’s bedroom and tried to wake him up but he had passed out. So, she went to the kitchen. She made her food hot and ate in the living room, watching TV.

After she finished dinner, she washed the dishes and went to her bedroom. She checked the phone. Sharath had messaged her. The message read, “I love you, my sweet wife.”

Nisha smiled and hoped he was telling her the truth.